Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesday Card Challenge: Deadly Poison R2

Happy Tuesday, Kongregants. Today's challenge is on Wooden Path. Its an intriguing puzzle game in which your goal is to connect two banks of a river with bridges. Complete 10 of these and you'll be rewarded with the R2 version of Deadly Poison. This card is very nice for villagers like Popo who inherently have lots of poison damage attacks available to them. It adds quite a bit of damage to a high percentage of attacks, making it quite a useful card.

The tutorial at the beginning of the game is excellent at explaining what you need to do throughout your bridge building endeavors. To get the card, you need to complete any 10 bridges, we'll take the low road and do the easiest.


The first bridge is the easiest, simply move the grey blocks out of the way and make sure the pieces of the wooden path connect. That's it, bridge number 1 done.

Bridge number 2 is a quick test on linking gates to open up the magic squares. Start with the only free colored piece (green) and move it between the green gates to connect them. This will unlock the red colored piece, move it between the set of red gates closest to the middle. This will unlock the first grey piece, again, move it between it's gates. Next the second red piece is unlocked, move this all the way to the far left red gate and move the first red piece against it. This opens up the last grey piece, repeat the process you just did but apply it to the grey blocks. Once the last grey gates are connected, the path opens for you to move the last piece of the bridge into place. Bridge 2 done.

Bridge 3, your first real encounter with "Star" blocks. Connect all the star blocks in a level, and they'll disappear. If there are star blocks in your level, one of the first things you'll want to do is get rid of them, so lets start there. Move the square wooden piece left then up, then slide the missing star block over and poof, they're gone. Next, connect the green and grey gates to clear your path of obstacles. Move the 2 square pieces along the main path into place. We have a small problem though, there are not enough pieces t make the bridge reach the other shore. That's where the teleporter comes in. Move the square piece through the transporter and over to connect with the rest of the path. Next push one of the longer pieces all the way through the teleporter (you can't move just half of it through and move it on the other side). Finally, stick one end of the other long piece through the teleporter, and your bridge is complete.

Bridge number four is a nice easy one. Simply connect the red gates. Once they've done they're little magic, move the red blocks out of the way and connect the rest of the bridge. Done and done.

This one is deceptively hard. First off, connect some green pieces to connect the gates and open up your path to the shore. Now comes the hard part, shuffle around the green tiles until you can clear a path for the wooden parts. It'll take a little work, but eventually, the bridge will be connected. I found the easiest way was to move all the greens to one side to free up some wooden pieces, and then move all the greens back to the other side to open up the room for the other wooden pieces.

Bridge 6 starts to turn up the heat. In this one, you don't have much room to move stuff around. Start from the left side, in the first section, shuffle the blocks around until you get the small square wooden block in the right place to connect the pieces. in the next section, shuffle the blocks around until the square wooden piece and the slightly longer wooden piece connect the rest of the bridge pieces. Same thing for the 4th and 5th sections. If you need some help to figure out where to move pieces to, here's the finished puzzle:

Bridge 7 up next. We'll start by connecting the red gates. Move the right most red block as far right as it'll go. Next move the 3 piece wooden block up, left, and then up again to fit against the top edge. Move the square bridge block up and then all the way left, clearing the way to move the long grey block right and then up int the pace you've opened for it. Now slide the 2 smaller red blocks together to connect the red gates. Next step is the grey gates. move your 2 red pieces connecting the red gates all the way to the right, do the same with the long grey piece. Move the square grey block all the way right and then clear the area in front of the grey gates so that you can connect them. Once all the magic blocks are gone, move the long grey piece in front of the transporter through it, get it out of the way, then move 3 of the square blocks through the transporter to join the rest of you're bridge. It will take a little bit of shuffling, but it shouldn't take you too long to be able to connect the whole bridge together and complete number 7.

Bridge number 8 is kind of hard, but we'll get through it. First things first, we need to connect the star block. Shuffle around the tiles on the left island until the 2 star blocks are touching and there's an opening to the transporter, then just slide the last star block through the right transporter to make them disappear. Next, slide the red square from the right transporter to the left one. Shuffle around those pieces on the left island until you can connect the red gates, this will unlock the grey blocks on the right island. Move a couple red blocks through the transporter to the right island so you have room to move the grey blocks through the transporter to the left island, then connect the grey gates. Now that the way is clear, start piecing together your bridge. There's not a lot of room, so it will take some shuffling, but it's not too terribly hard.

Bridge 9, almost there. Start at the right hand side, shuffle the tiles around until you get the shorter wooden piece to connect to the long one and the shore. Then move the 2 wooden pieces in the middle all the way to the right. Next, move the 3 square colored tiles out of your way and connect the last 3 pieces together. Not too hard.

Bridge 10, this one's kinda fun and will finish off your 10 bridges to give you the R2 version of Deadly Poison. Once again, first order of business is to get rid of our star pieces. First, move the left, smaller grey block down and all the way to the right. Then move the big square grey block up and to the left. Then move the bottom small grey block left and then up, opening up a path to move the right set of star blocks left and down to touch the other star blocks. Now move the right small grey block down and all the way to the right. Move the middle small grey block straight down and move the big square grey block all the way to the right. next move the middle small grey block straight up, opening up a path for the last star blocks which you move to the others. Now that those are out of the way, move the previously trapped wooden blocks up out of their little area and all the way to the left, clearing a path for the grey blocks to come down and connect the grey gates. Once the magic blocks are gone, simply connect the rest of the bridge together.

By now, you should have the card and an easy badge to go along with it. I hope you enjoyed the guide, if you have questions or suggestions, feel free to comment.



hokage4354 said...

Not to be rude, but do you think you can finish posting this soon? You said you'll have it up soon but it's been 2 hours or more. xD

Just get it up sometime today or tomorrow.

Yeknomssa said...

I'm working on it right now. I hadn't anticipated doing this waltkhrough, but since no one else has by now, I figured I would. In any event, I'll be done soon hopefully.

hipcheck said...

can anyone get farther than this in adventure?

Yeknomssa said...

I just finished the beginner's map and I'm starting on the adventurer's map. I'll let you know how it goes heh