Wednesday, October 22, 2008


HP: 85
Physical Defense: 8
Light Defense: 1
Dark Defense: 0
Innate Ability: Immune to stuns

General Use:
Helene is, unfortunately, one of those characters you really don't want to be stuck with. Generally, you want to make sure that the enemy is in an energy hole before you switch Helene in, because Helene has energy problems. If the enemy moves far, you do have the option to use enchant blade rather than resting/intercepting. Helene has a hefty 85 HP, which makes her good at soaking up damage. What's better is that Kongregate just released Herbal Remedy, which lets her soak up even more damage.

Frenzied Strikes does 7x6 dark damage at speed 7 against the enemy for 40 energy. It can deal out lots of damage, along with having the benefit of being light if Helene wants it to be light, but it puts Helene in a really bad energy hole.
Sword Slash does 30 physical damage at speed 5 against the enemy for 30 energy with a 30% chance to recover that energy. Great when enchanting isn't an option or you're low on energy.
Enchant blade is her buff. Keep in mind that it only lasts for 2 turns, so a range-dancing enemy will be able to evade enchanted attacks pretty easily.
Shield bash does 20 damage at speed 6 for an interrupt and 50 energy. It's useful only if the enemy can do serious damage against you.

Suggested Items:
Herbal Remedy: It complements her high HP and allows her to soak up more damage.
Valkyrie's Charm: Sure, her moves are speedy already, but Shield Bash is worthless without this.
Sharpening Stone: Makes Helene's moves more damaging, which is great since Helene's moves aren't that damaging in the first place.

Noted Matchups:
vs Voss, Rumiko: Rumiko and Voss were some of the more recently released characters, but what's great is that these guys suck against Helene. Rumiko's Eviscerate doesn't work against Helene because of Helene's innate, and Voss will die in 2 turns against Helene when Helene uses Frenzied Strikes twice, regardless of whether or not Voss uses Feast of Blood.

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Muhlakai said...

Listing her stats is great, especially for those of us who can't remember them! Unfortunately you forgot to include her innate, which you referred to in her matchups.