Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday Card Challenge: Herbal Remedy R2

Tuesdays are always a good day for any Kongregant, chances are you woke up like a kid on Christmas, wondering what good things Santa Greg put under your Kong tree. Well this week, there's no disappointment, Warfare: 1917 is a fun game and Herbal Remedy is a very useful card.

The goal this week is to deploy a tank and finish the battle, win or lose. Since tanks are first available on level 7, all you have to do is make it that far and deploy a tank. hokage4354 beat me to making a walkthrough for the game (*angry fist shake*) but his is an excellent guide and should get you the card in about 30 minutes.

As far as the card itself goes, Herbal Remedy is great for most of the amazons. Ashi, Helene and Phoebe would probably benefit most from being able to stay in battle longer, but extra HP each turn you're in battle is always nice. The Amazon Items are some of the most versatile group only items. Unlilke other group only items that are useful for only one or two characters in the group, Amazon Items offer a wide range of possibilities to suit your needs.


hokage4354 said...

Sorry I posted a guide you wanted to, but thanks for linking to it. ;D

Yeknomssa said...

Haha, no biggie, hokage, in fact it saved me from having to take all the screen shots :P . I use a little bit different strategy, if you'd like, i can share it with you, plus I'd kind of like to fix some of your formatting and grammar. I'm not trying to e mean or anything, its just a little hard to follow.