Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Flash Version 10 Released

Seems like Adobe finally got around to releasing Flash 10. Download link is here:

The featurelist looks really interesting. Here's a couple of them I'd like to outline:

3D effects:
Yes, Adobe is now supporting full, accelerated 3D graphics. Sure, there's stuff out there like Papervision 3D, but the new 3D graphics are accelerated graphics, which means that the processing is offloaded to your graphics card. Now, every computer with a half-decent graphics card will be able to have decent 3D graphics!

Enhanced sound mixer:
The new sound mixer will result in better-flowing sound.

The new flash player 10 is supposedly faster. 2D rendering is now handled by hardware rather than software, so games should be faster now.

Released on 3 platforms:
Linux users, for a long time, have suffered through crappy flash support. Releasing the Linux version at the same time as all the other major versions is awesome for people like me that use Linux.

Keep in mind that Flash 10 has just newly been released, and it will take a while for games to take advantage of the new features. I know that Sonny 2 is going to utilize some of these new features and will (hopefully) be a great example of what the new Flash can do.

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