Thursday, October 2, 2008

Review: Ether War

Audio:The fact that the musics good and there's an option to mute it are both good. I played with the music and still loved the game, although to many others the music and sound effects can be annoying together.

Graphics:The graphics for this game are crazy. There's stuff blowin' up everywhere. I liked the graphics a lot though. It was mind blowing.

Gameplay:I really like games like this and the graphics with the game play style are a good combination. The only thing is the game doesn't take too long to complete.

Originality:This game is pretty original but there's a few classic shooting games like this.

Difficulty:This game can be quiet difficult if you don't protect the base. Overall though, it's a medium game to complete, but is still fun.

Overall: 3.9 A great game.

Tips:Make sure you constantly protect the mother ship and destroy on coming ships to get ether. When you're fully upgraded, go in and destroy the boss with ease. Just make sure you destroy all defending orbs before going after the main one.


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