Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New Writer! Interview Requests!

Hey guys, lilfishy here. I am a new writer for KCG, and i hope im welcomed :) I am going to be mostly doing interviews with some game developers that have made high-rated games on Kongregate. My username on kong is lilfishy521, and you can just leave a shout on my profile or email me at lilfishy521@yahoo.com if you have any questions. You can expect interviews at least once a week. I'm currently trying to get Mr.Jinx (Talesworth Arena: Death Watch) for an interview. If anyone has any suggestions on who they want to see interview'd, feel free to email me, shout/whisper on my kong profile, or comment on this post. Thanks!



hokage4354 said...

Oh sweet, cool! Try getting an interview with a game developer soon!

hipcheck said...

Welcome lilfishy and kryn. its great to have you here