Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Review: Bloons Tower Defence 3

Bloons Tower Defence 3 can be found Here!
Audio:The sounds are pretty nice and clear, and there's an option to mute the game if balloon popping gets annoying.

Graphics:The graphics in the game are clear and define with a nice shine to them.

Gameplay:The BTD idea has always been one I liked, and the new weapons just make the game a whole lot better then ever.

Originality:Still the only type of game out there along with BTD 1&2.

Difficulty:The difficulty just got a lot more varied since you can now choose either easy, medium, or hard and which map (8 total) to play on.

Overall: 4.5 A totally awesome game!

Tips:I'd recommend buying spike-o-pult when you can and putting it somewhere where it can hit multiple balloons in a strait line. Also be sure to buy a cannon before iron balloons are sent out.

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