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Trail of Blood Challenge *Talesworth Arena: Death Watch*

This guide brought to you by ~Iceburg116~

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Trail of Blood Challenge
A warrior's greatness is measured by the number of corpses he leaves behind. And by his skill at ultimate Frisbee.

* Kill 10 opponents – This can be done on either difficulty setting.

Truthfully, this should be the Easiest Badge to attain on Kongregate, ever. If you want the Card and nothing else then Read on, if not then scroll down. Go to later in the guide and see the badge Description and Class info.

First, choose Juggernaut. Then choose Easy. Then choose your name, read the Tutorials, and buy your first two moves (Or one, your pick)
Go to the Training Arena and beat your first foe with a compilation of Poison and Reg Attacks. It should not be too hard, and you may have earned enough for your next attack. Keep going into the Training Arena (Ignore the Boss fight if you get there before the 10 Enemy Kill count) Really Easy Card, amirite? It'll take about two or three Battles After your given the option at killing Pepe Le Tank. There are other methods, yah, but this is the fastest way (in my opinion). Feel free to choose the Psiconic

Class Info:
Juggernaut- My gameplay. Poison, Tough, Damage dealer, Tank, and diverse attacks. Gets to Poison, use Fast-Light attacks, and Tough-medium paced attacks. Truly good for your first play through. Can very easily be pwn3d like everyone else when someone Interrupts or Stuns you three times in a row, suggested equipment; anything that increases direct damage you give (Or take, the Adrenaline Rush buff and take more damage and turn it into Power!!)
Psionic- Not much a fan for this class, but it has it's perks. The Mana pool (Like Power for Juggernaut or Gas for Engineer) fills over time, and he seems faster than the others at his low levels.. Be careful, like the Engineer he takes a bit more damage than Juggernaut (Maybe because he has lower health, but whatever) Not suggested on First playthrough on Normal difficulty.
Engineer- Some people will love, others will hate. I got about half way through the skills with him so I wouldn't be able to give a full description at this time. Major weakness: Gas level. It only lowers and the way to refill it comes after the first boss and the actual cast time for that skill is SLOW. It refills all the way buy can drop faster than it takes to fill it back up. He has his perks, like the other classes, but not enough to make the game worth it, I'm afraid. His Bionic Arms skill doesn't do much at all, but it still counts, I suppose. Truthfully it's all algorithm for every class. Depending on what Enemy you face you choose what attacks to do at what time. Time it right with the right moves and your guaranteed a win every time.

*Boss List soon to come IF requested, they are all adept at finding ways to screw with you if you want to know anything about them =/..*

WHOO!! Badgelez!! And four of them!?! Wowzah!! 71 Points up for grabs!? Wo0O0ot!!1!oneoneone eleventy! ...Ooh O.o Sorry Well here's the list, you can thank me for the hard work and pain-staking Carpel Tunnel-risk later ^^

First: Pepe LePwned Badge (easy – 5 points)
Defeat Pepe LeTank, the first boss in Talesworth Arena: Death Watch
Ha, really, it is an Easy badge. Go for it, might take 7 min tops.

Second: Rising Threat Badge (medium – 15 points)
Reach level 6 in Talesworth Arena: Death Watch
Puh-lease, this is required to beat the game. Just play around for 20 - 45 min.

Third: Arena Smackdown Badge (hard – 30 points)
Defeat the final boss on the "normal" difficulty setting in Talesworth Arena: Death Watch
Heh, I almost got this one ;) This one will take a while, dependent on which class you choose. Takes a while but it's not truly 'Hard'

Fourth: Engionicnaut Hero Badge (hard – 30 points)
Defeat the final boss on the "normal" difficulty setting with all 3 character types in Talesworth Arena: Death Watch

* Campaign completed as engineer
* Campaign completed as psionic
* Campaign completed as juggernaut
Ehhh, I'll get this eventually ^^; Had I known it would get Badges I would have got the Third one already, but I beat it the night before it did actually get a Badge! Ha! So, this like the Third isn't precisely Hard. Find an algorithm, get a few hours to yourself, and play til you get the Badge message.

Overall, it's a good game (I prefer RPGs..) and I actually 5'd it, I'm not like the other in putting up a rating system, I'm more overall when it comes to that. You'll have to trust me in the actual Rating ^^; If you don't like portraits Pretend-hitting each other then it may not be for you, but if your like me then you may love it. If you have any suggestions talk to me on Kong or Comment the guide. ~Enjoi!

-*pssst, hey.. Yeh, you. If you liked this one I got a few others out, too! Including the longest guide on here [I do believe!] for a fun lil' Flash called Thing-Thing 4! It took alot of space and alot of time so at least glance at it ^^*

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