Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Kongregate Labs

Today, Kongregate launched a new service called Kongregate Labs. It's made by some flash company named scion.


This is just to help new developers entering into making flash games. It has one example game with source (which, I'm glad to say, is very well commented for beginners) and a few tutorials (with more to follow). Kongregate is also going to start a new contest for beginners, where the people vote on whose game wins the prizes.

Though it's great that Kongregate is trying to encourage new developers with tutorials and libraries, IMO the service is very unfinished. 6 of the 9 tutorials aren't up yet, and scion hasn't even released the extra libraries (scion toolbox and scion remix tool) that could help new developers.

If you really want to start developing flash games, Kongregate Labs is just another place you can turn to for help. However, there are better, free resources such as Adobe's own documentation and sites like gotoandplay. Heck, if you have some money left over after buying Adobe Flash, you might as well go buy some books too.

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