Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Review: DUI

DUI can be found Here!
Audio:The music is pretty sweet in this game, gives you this "building" feeling. I even danced to it when I went to the kitchen to make me a sandwich, lol.

Graphics:Hmm.. Not that much graphics in the game, the blocks and spirtis are nice.

Gameplay:I really liked this puzzle game, also there's a level builder. Which is nice for those who enjoyed the game. Has been one of my favorite games for a long time now.

Originality:I have seen one game that is like this called "Totem destroyer" But in DUI you can move the "character"

Difficulty:The game is easy to finish, some levels can be difficult. The bad about this game that it is easy. Puzzle games are suppose to be easy in the start and hard in the end.

Overall:3.1 An OK game to play.

Tips:Move slow, otherwise you might speed up and fall under the red line. And focus on the spirit.

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