Thursday, October 30, 2008

SHIFT 3 Achievements

SHIFT 3 can be found here.
SHIFT 3 is an extremely highly rated game and the other 2 had badges so I just wanted to post up all the achievements in case for whatever the badges are. That is if this gets badges then you will be ready.
This is from Top left to Bottom right.
Shell Shocked- Reach the explosion in the beginning
Appreciator- Go to the credits
Supporter- Click the more games button
Level Builder- Build a level duh.
Literati- Read about Shift 4
Roast Hog- Wait around a while to see the hedge hog go down in flames when you are looking at the Earth
Blackhole Son- Shift at the end when it says you shouldn't
Escape- Finish the game the right way
Speedy 8 Mins- Finish the game in 8 minutes or less. That is 480 secnds when you see your timer later.
Paperboy- Collect all 4 papers
PDA Avoider- Don't take the PDA in the begining. You get this as soon as you get to the top level.
Grey Games PP- Complete the Grey Games player pack
Azurieq PP- Complete the Azurieq player pack
Assorted PP- Complete the Assorted player pack
All PP's Beat- Complete all the player packs in any order
Quitter- Quit at any point during the game
And that is all folks. I'm pretty sure this will get badges so I just wanted to give everyone a heads up of what to expect. I will be doing a full walkthrough later if it does get badges.


hipcheck said...

And also the code at the end, in case you didn't find the papers is heart=33 plus=71 star=24 and smiley =18.

hokage4354 said...
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crazieshado said...

For the Speedy 8 Minutes achievement, I beat the game with the "Blackhole Son" ending in 400 seconds. Didn't process the achievement. Must it be the good ending?

hipcheck said...

Yes it has to be the good ending.

crazieshado said...


When you beat the game with Fancy Pants, it says you get his orange paint. I go back, play as him, and he's got no orange paint! Is this intentional? Help!

hipcheck said...

his pants will always be transparent

Anonymous said...

How do you pass the lvl 6 of azurieq player pack6 Please help me!

Anonymous said...

Crazeshado, I know why you did'nt get orange paint on your Fancy Pants Man on Shift 3! Maybe the orange paint is a lie! Just like the cc!