Sunday, October 19, 2008

New Rules

Hey all KCG writers. I have decided to post up the new rules for all writers and what the viewers can expect. First off writers must post at least once a week. I need all writers to email me what days are good for you to post even if you've already told me. If I don't get a response in the next 5 days then unfortunately you will no longer write for KCG. Also, if you do not post at least once a week then you will also be off the team unless you email me BEFORE hand and let me know that you can't or if it is the day after that is fine under certain circumstances. I believe you all know but if you don't there is no swearing in any post of any kind on KCG. Anyone can apply to be a writer at anytime as we are always looking for good ones. I will add more later.


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