Friday, October 17, 2008

Review: Microbe Kombat

Microbe Kombat can be found Here!
Audio:The clear audio is pretty good with the game and the sound effects fit fairly well also.

Graphics:The designs in this game were really good as far as clarity and how well they fit the games theme. The virus design is pretty sick.

Gameplay:This game provided me with about fifteen minutes of non-stop action game play. I would have recommended more levels, and possibly more types of enemies.

Originality:I've seen a few older games that this probably got the concept from such as Fishy. The game is still pretty original and is enjoyable.

Difficulty:Levels three and four seemed impossible when I started because I was still getting used to the game. The difficulty increases fairly gradually, but it would have been nice to see the last level or so have a boss, or something really difficult to give the rating a nine or ten.

Overall: 3.7 A great game.

Tips:Constantly increase speed if you're outnumbered, try not to divide too often because it makes you really vulnerable to larger enemies. Use the spike only if you are outnumbered or there's only one or two enemies left. Otherwise you really won't get much out of this item. The stun item is really useful if you are highly outnumbered or there's an array of smaller enemies that are just barely out of your reach. Remember that if you get infected your only hope for survival is by switching to another ally.


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