Friday, October 24, 2008

Review: Draw-Play 3

Draw-Play 3 can be found Here!
Audio:I really like the song in this game. It's very original and has a good beat to it.

Graphics:The graphics for draw play 3 are above average, but not perfect. They are still fit for the game though.

Gameplay:The game play is one I enjoy very much. Although, I know some people may not like it so much, either because of its difficulty or originality. Either way, the game play is both great and original minus the 2 previous games in the series.

Originality:Since there are 2 games like this before it in the series, it get's marked down. Other then that there's really no other games like this one.

Difficulty:The puzzle game is still, very difficult. But if you're a strategic thinker you can find your way through each maze.

Overall: 3.9 A great game.

Tips: Well, now there's a "No Draw" box which makes it more difficult. Try to plan accordingly to the obstacles ahead. Also be sure that you have a back up plan in case your original plan fails on you.

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