Monday, September 29, 2008

The Several Journies of Reemus Chpt.1 Guide

This guide brought to you by ~Iceburg116~
M-hm, it has been out for a while now, don't complain. At least we have a guide for you, yah? =D
This is a game on par with Johny Rocketfingers and other point-and-click games. You find the object, get the item, use it later or immediately to solve a dilemma and lead your heroe(s) through to the end. Reemus Chpt1 Is a bit more fun than the average ones, which seem to dull and bore me.
Reemus has TWO Medium badges! (Hurrah!)
"Cheesy Escape Badge" - Medium (15 points) - Escape via mouse
"Flying First Class Badge" - Medium (15 Points) - Escape via bird
I'll tell you how to attain both of these at the end of the guide =)

First stage, your being chased down by a sort of Werewolf creature, and your pal Reemus doesn't quite make a jump and is grasping a root for dear life. Well, your stuck (Or not) and need help. Ha, lucky for you KCCG is here! =) Just follow these steps and we'll get you those sweet 30 points from those two Medium Badges ;)t then one of the lily-pads in the water below it, then click the new device and combine it with the bucket. Click Liam and let him go down the waterfall (Weee!!) Afterwards click the Big Fish's tail and the plant at the very top left corner of the screen. Click the bucket and your done with this area!
Next area; Inside The Castle (Part 1); There are so many things to do in so many ways here, but it's real easy. Click the Axe to cut the chain on the well and the wooden barrier on the door (3 times) Click the Wheel on the cart and let it fall, then click the steel rod the wheel came off of and click it into the odd socket on the stone wall. Click the wheel then the chain then the wooden block sticking out of the door to attach it, click the wheel once more and your done!
Next Area; Inside Castle (Part 2); Here you have to get past the werewolf, more of a mini game this is. Click the pulley on the rope once to move the towel, click the feed in the sack next to the chicken on the small Bizarre Hut, then click the chicken. (Aww, poor chickeh =/) Then click the skinned uncooked chicken that was under the Hut's cover. Click the towel at this time and when the Werewolf starts freaking click the rope next to it's tail. Then the Barricade guarding the door. Yay, we're almost done!
Next Area; Inside Castle (Blacksmith); When in the new area click the door twice. When you go in, click the dull sword and put it in the fire and let the Hammer sharpen it a bit. If your good you can do things at once now. Start the Whetstone wheel and put the sword on it while letting spear head be taken off by the clamp on the same Wheel. Use the sword to hack off the lamp next to the door and use the wax on the spear and the hook from the thing holding up the lamp on it. Take it and click on the ceiling, you are now two stages away from the end!
Puzzle: Turning Wheel. There are three tabs you can turn, two are easily seen one in minuscule. Put the Raven on the top and put the Red behind him. I have forgotten what time of the day it looks like but turn it until it activates (Pull the lever in the corner each time just to be sure) Yay one more area left!
(By the way, if you've played The Visitor, don't those lil' buggers in the cutscene look like him?)
Next Area; Wizard/Chef's Quarters; OK, this is where our skillz come into action.
Click the box on the shelf and pour the contents into the Cauldron and take the spoon off the birdcage. After this the two endings are going into play... (A note ahead, if you mess up any of the potions you can dispose of them in the tea pot on the shelf's bottom right corner)
Cheesy Escape Guide: Slight Brain lap on this one but there is cheese on the shelf and a jar with Blue Jam (Or goop?). Click the Jar twice after clicking the Cheese and put it on the ground. Mix the colors yellow and blue then click the mouse, afterwards click red and blue to mix and feed it to the mouse. That SHOULD be it, I kinda blazed through it and the Bird ending before writing down what I did. I'll correct it if it's wrong.
Flying First Class Badge: Make Green potion (Yellow and Green) then take the cheese and put it on the ground. After having a flying rat (Wow..) put another piece of cheese on the lever behind the cage. Also use the Purple (Red Blue) potion on the plant to enlarge it and open to crucial parts for the Bird Ending. Use Orange (Red Yellow) on the plant to cause popcorn to explode out of it O_o' Click the cup that came from the secret passage and put the noodle in the cauldron to make a rope, use the rope to catch the bird and use the enlarge (Purple) potion on it for the bird ending.
(Once again, I'll check over typos later, stuff always seems to come up that causes my timing to be horrid.)


Taimat said...

Look at the top of the guide. You missed about three paragraphs ^^

Iceburg116 said...

Oh mother of God!! o_o I thought I proof-read that D= Well, I must have highlighted it by accident, wow that is really embarrassing..
Thank you, Taimat.. I'll get on that as soon as I finish the post I have drafted for all our Un-Guided Badged Games. Geez, big slip in my part X.x

JaumeBG said...

If you need help with The Severeal Journeys of Reemus: Chapter 1 like me, then go to this link.
As you've noticed, so has Taimat, he has left out 3 paragraphs.
The rest is a nice guide though.