Thursday, September 18, 2008


Hey everyone. This is more for my writers than anything else. But i wanted to put a little more backbone and support into KCCG. I would like to have updates normally.

Challenges- The two challenges can be taken by whoever wants tham as long as they get done in a day or two.

Videos- re4 has uploaded a great video for scope. TY. I would like to have a walkthrough video at least once a month, but I will make a poll so people can vote on how often they want one. So re4 can you show the others how to make a video please?

Comics- I would like Ice to work on the plot of the comics if thats possible. And comminicate with hokage on the drawing of them. I would like to have a weekly comic on no specific day. That way we have people coming back at different days.

In essence I would like to have a post a day. I am still trying to recruit more writers to do plain game reviews, walkthroughs, badge guides, and more. I will always help if anyone needs me in any field. Right now my focus is on building the site and then attracting readers and getting writers. Email me with any questions or if anyof this will be a problem. Or just leave comments here.


hokage4354 said...

I read the updates.

hipcheck said...

ok and what do you think?

hokage4354 said...

I think the video idea is a no, and the comic idea is 50-50.

Reason why video is no is because the main way of earning reputation is posting guides. It looks like we actually know what were talking about and that we're pro at the games.

Comic idea just doesn't sound right for some reason.

I agree with the fact that challenge guides should be out within a day or two.

hipcheck said...

Well you can do a write up with the video guide. Just even now there are no pics or anything to go along with guides. Personally I always look for a video guide so i can actually see whats happening and what you mean. And yeah im not so sure about the comic just because it is more work. I think that it would make a funny little add on to our site though beyond guides. Maybe we can just have a comic once a month or something.

EsIeX3 said...

I held back on doing the Voss guide because someone else said they would do it :/

Neways, I'm trying to do a special on 5-card but I've got writer's block right now :(