Thursday, September 18, 2008

Vanessa Voss - Card Guide

Sup guys, EsIeX3 here to do the Vanessa Voss guide.

General Use:
Voss is almost completely different from the other vampires. Half of her moves are light attacks, and her main move is fairly fast (but still powerful). Unlike the other vampires, she has lots of light defense and no dark defense. This leaves her vulnerable to other vampires, but makes her amazing against some villagers and amazons. However, her innate gives her a bonus against characters with high dark defense, which makes her okay against most vampires.

Her two most used moves are Double Slash and Radiance Burst. Double Slash, along with her innate, can deal lots of quick (speed 8) damage for only 30 energy. Radiance Burst attacks all enemies in the deck. There's two gotchas for using RB, however:
1. Damage is calculated separately for each character.
2. It will not hit a character that's switching out.
Voss has two other moves which aren't that widely used. Ray of Light is mostly just there to threaten enemies at far so they're forced to move in. Feast of Blood is occassionally preferred over Double Slash when Voss needs HP or Voss needs a guaranteed kill against someone with no moves quicker than 5.

Suggested Items:

Blood Vial: To be honest, Voss is probably one of the least versitale characters when it comes to items. Blood vial is almost universally used except maybe in 5-card matches. Voss is fragile, so she really benefits from being able to heal herself on the bench faster.
Ring of Curses (5-card only): It's useful in 5-card because apparently Attack-all-enemies cards are all the rage these days.

Notable Matchups:

vs Cornelius: Yesterday (9/17), the new 1.9 Kongai update went up, meaning that Cornelius got two nerfs which really affects his machup with voss. With the new update, Voss is almost guaranteed a win. Cornelius can no longer one-hit-KO voss with pilebunker, and it only takes 2 Double Slashes to kill Cornelius.

Like always, if anybody has any matchups to post, go ahead and post them.


hokage4354 said...

I think you should be like the person who officially reviews the new challenge cards. >.>

hipcheck said...

that is what he was brought here for. Good job again ES