Friday, September 19, 2008

Best Set In Kongai: Results

Before I start, I'd like to welcome all the new writers. I'm looking forward to reading all your posts :)

Anyway, thanks to everybody who voted in our poll. The results were:

Tiki villagers
9 (13%)
14 (21%)
24 (36%)
Martial Arts
19 (28%)

The results, IMO, are hardly surprising. Vampires, who came in first, are some of the most common cards seen in many decks. People like them because they deal out a lot of damage and consist of characters that fight well at close range. The Martial Artists came in second. The Martial Artists have Yoshiro, who is probably the most used finisher character, and Rumiko, who can deal out lots of damage and switch out. The other Martial Artists aren't used quite as often as Rumiko and Yoshiro, because it seems that people think that the other cards are pretty weak (especially Amaya and Onimaru). The Amazons followed in third. Many people like to have versatile characters who are useful at both ranges. The Amazons are generally single-ranged, which is most likey why only 1 out of every 5 people think they're the best set. Villagers came in last probably because they're niche characters. They're not really general-purpose fighters, but rather characters brought in for certain moments in the game.

This message brought to you by EsIeX3, and thanks again for all the votes!


hipcheck said...

This is so true. Tiki's really are only brought in for certain moments. You can tell that people really have a biased for power.

EsIeX3 said...

Well, if people didn't care about versatility at all, they would just choose amazons all the way, since they're (usually) more powerful than the vamps at their preferred range. So yeah, people pick vamps over amazons because they have damaging options at both ranges.

Forthus said...

Maybe it's also due to the popularity of a specific card from said family e.g Corn from vamps

Then again ubie is pretty popular...