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Chaos Faction 2 [Game Review]

Chaos Faction 2: Level 2.3

If you’re looking for a game like Super Smash Bros Brawl, look no further than Chaos Faction 2, an intense fighter, beat em’ up game in which you go level to level fighting random people, to name a few are Monkeys to Zombies to the local bully, you’ll find yourself in countless different situations in this game. Chaos Faction covers 15 intense, unique campaign mission, each level awards you with new characters and weapons you can play as or use throughout the rest of the game (my favorite is the polar bear character!). Chaos Faction is a pretty simple game overall, but provides a fun and unique atmosphere throughout the entire game with different and entertaining levels each time, in one instance you may be showing off monkey from a tribe or protecting a construction site, either way this game is chalk-full of unique mission! My favorite part of this game may be the quick, action packed fights in each level, as seen in similar games (Street Fighter, Super Mario Bros Brawl, and other fighting games).

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To help reduce the amount of space taken up by a single article while browsing through the site, you will now see a "Read More ..." under articles that are lengthy. The "Read More ..." is merely a redirect to that article's URL. This has been requested to be done time and time again, and now it's finally done. For you guys. :D

Oh- and if anyone is wondering, we DID change KCG's look completely for a short period of time. I decided to revert back because I want to hold off on that for a bit.

MARDEK RPG: Chapter 1

Table of Contents
A. Battle System
B. Controls
Walk through
A. Dragon’s Lair
B. Heroes’ Den
C. Goznor
D. Sewers
E. Soothwood
F. Crash Site
Miscellaneous/In-game Encyclopedia
A. Shop inventory
B. Treasure chest contents
C. People
D. Places
E. Artefacts
F. Bestiary

This is a walk through for the flash RPG known as MARDEK. The game is highly short and didn’t actually need much of a walk through but someone requested it. So here it is! It is the first chapter out of eight that was created by Pseudolonewolf. The walk through will be written as if we are playing through it for the first time. How to receive the badges, obtain all items, etc. will be covered in this walk through.