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MARDEK RPG: Chapter 1

Table of Contents
A. Battle System
B. Controls
Walk through
A. Dragon’s Lair
B. Heroes’ Den
C. Goznor
D. Sewers
E. Soothwood
F. Crash Site
Miscellaneous/In-game Encyclopedia
A. Shop inventory
B. Treasure chest contents
C. People
D. Places
E. Artefacts
F. Bestiary

This is a walk through for the flash RPG known as MARDEK. The game is highly short and didn’t actually need much of a walk through but someone requested it. So here it is! It is the first chapter out of eight that was created by Pseudolonewolf. The walk through will be written as if we are playing through it for the first time. How to receive the badges, obtain all items, etc. will be covered in this walk through.

Once the Play button has been clicked another screen comes up. The options NEW GAME, LOAD GAME, OPTIONS, MORE GAMES, INSTRUCTIONS, and MUSIC PLAYER appear.
NEW GAME - For those starting out a new game.
LOAD GAME – For those loading up previously saved data.
OPTIONS – Game options such as music, sound effects, particle effects, etc. are located here.
MORE GAMES – Takes you to the CrazyMonkeyGames site.
INSTRUCTIONS – Fairly obvious, explains how to play the game.
MUSIC PLAYER – Listen to the various in-game music tracks.
The battle system is set up fairly easy. Players have to use their mouse and hover over the option they wish to use. The four options to pick from are Attack, Powers/Imagination, Item, and Wait. Up near the left hand corner is the option to Flee from battle. After picking an option, the player has to hover over the target they wish to use the action on. To ensure a pre-set skill triggers in battle, hit the button before you hit the enemy/before the enemy hits you. Once a battle is finished, click on all the items found you want and click on done.
A, S, W, D or ↑, ↓, →, ← – Move
X – Talk to NPCs, open doors
Left Mouse Click – To pick options
With those out of the way, let’s get this walk through started! After each room has been passed I will place a map and how many treasure chests are located on the floor.
Walk Through
A. Dragon’s Lair
After new game is clicked, an introduction to the game plays. The player finds themselves in the Dragon’s Lair. The main character, Mardek, and his friend, Deugan, have some conversation to help the player get familiar with the game controls if they didn’t read the instructions! Before heading out of this first room be sure to open your menu with ENTER. The menu is full of options like Party, Skills, Inventory, etc. Click skills and get familiar with which buttons are set up with skills. Seeing as you only have two skills at the moment for both offensive and defensive, the letters A and S were automatically assigned.

0/0 Treasure Chests

After leaving the first room, Deugan reminds you of how to use offensive and defensive pre-set skills in battle. Proceed forward along the path to the next room.

0/0 Treasure Chests

Precede either right or left and then head forward. Either fight or flee from the enemies, the choice is yours.

0/0 Treasure Chests

Finally, proceed forward down a long path. The player will end up reaching a dragon with a princess behind it. Once you reach the Dragon, some dialogue is traded and then a battle ensues. The Dragon is fairly easy, just throw your powers at him and heal when necessary. All should end well. After The Dragon is defeated Mardek and Deugan speak to the Princess.

0/0 Treasure Chests
B. Heroes’ Den
The player then is found at the Heroes’ Den. These children really do have interesting imaginations. Deugan then suggests that they head home since it is getting dark. Before heading to Goznor though, head into the Abandoned House that is located at Heroes’ Den.
Heroes’ Den Outside:

0/0 Treasure Chests
Heroes’ Den Abandoned Hut:

0/1 Treasure Chests

Once the player enters Goznor, head to Mardek’s home. All the houses are currently locked because it’s late and everyone has returned home. Proceed forward then head left to find the children’s homes across a bridge. Once you step in front of the first door, Duegan says he should head off as well. Mardek speaks with his mother and then heads to bed when he enters the house. A short cut scene is shown when the player reaches thebed. Deugan awakens Mardek because of an event and then the player has control again. Before heading off be sure to take a look around town. Players can read books on the book shelves to learn some things about the game. The map below shows all the locations within Goznor. Players can only buy items at the item shop currently. Location L is where the player can pick up a quest. Head off to the sewers, location M, to collect five lead pipes for Meraeador.

0/0 Treasure Chests
A: Monastery
B: Barracks – 0/4 Treasure Chests
C: Accessory Shop
D: Mardek’s House
E: Deugan’s House
F: Item Shop
G: Inn
H: Magic Shop
I: House
J: Weapon Shop
K: Armour Shop
L: House
M: Sewer
D. Sewers
The only floor that can be accessed at the moment is floor one. The player can go around and kill rats until they have collected five lead pipes for the LeadPipes quest. There are also four treasure located with the sewers. Once five lead pipes are collected head back to Meraeador for your reward. The reward received is a Cog Necklace which grants the wearer immunity to sleep. This is also the point where you should receive your first medium badge.

0/4 Treasure Chests
E. Soothwood
Upon entering Soothwood Deaugan reminds Mardek of setting skills again. Those darn skills must be very important! To set skills go to the skill option in the menu. Hold either A, S, or D then click the skill you’d wish to set and viola. The Soothwood is just a straight away with a Shaman hut and a boss-like enemy at the end. Located in the Shaman hut is a crystal to heal as well. Poshgoblin is a push over as well. Just throw strikes at it and the battle will be over in no time.

0/4 Treasure Chests

Shaman’s Hut:

F. Crash Site
Head straight into the crash site and encounter Mugbert. Mugbert exchanges words with the heroes then a battle begins. Mugbert isn’t at all challenging. Throw some strikes at him. Use Huff-Puff when healing is necessary. The battle should end quickly that way. After the battle, head into the crashed saucer and step towards the body. After some dialogue, it’s time to go back home! Head off to Goznor and back to Mardek’s place. Head to bed and get ready for a bunch of dialogue. Then finally the last medium badge will be received as well.

0/0 Treasure Chests

Potion: Heals HP – 30 Gold
Antidote: Cures Poison – 20 Gold
Copper Ring: +1 Def. Stat – 100 Gold
Heroes’ Den Abandoned Hut – Potion x3
Goznor Barracks – Potion
Goznor Barracks – Potion
Goznor Barracks – Potion
Goznor Barracks – Potion
Sewer L1 - Antidote x5
Sewer L1 – 74 Gold
Sewer L1 –Copper Ring
Sewer L1 – Potion x2
Soothwood – Potion
Soothwood – Potion
Soothwood – Potion
Soothwood – Potion
These are the characters you run into throughout the game. Clicking their names in the encyclopedia reveals a character profile for each character.
Captain Jacques
Goznor Shaman
Medium Priest Gallovar
Social Fox
The locations that are visited in MARDEK RPG: Chapter 1.
Heroes' Den
Crash Site
The six artefacts read about in Chapter 1. The seventh was not yet mentioned.
Fire Crystal
Water Crystal
Air Crystal
Earth Crystal
Light Crystal
Dark Crystal
A list of enemies that are found throughout Chapter 1. By clicking an enemy in the encyclopedia a small profile is revealed.
The Dragon
Forest Fish

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