Saturday, February 27, 2010

Home Sheep Home Walkthrough (All Levels)

My walkthrough on Home Sheep Home.

Larger chat!

If you like to chat more than you like to play, or if sometimes you prefer to chat than to play a game, here you have the "Full chat"! It's a 'game' on Kongregate in which there's just a chat. But this has already been created, so what's the difference? This chat is very big. It's large enough to occupy nearly all your screen and if you just want to chat it's more comfortable than a regular game's chat. This has been created by SavageWolf. These are the steps to be able to chat in a large chat:
  1. Download Firefox if you still don't have it
  2. Download Greasemonkey
  3. Click this link and download it
  4. Play the game "[chat]" and you'll be able to chat in nearly full screen
I hope you like it!

Click this to see how the chat is.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Flood Fill Walkthrough

Here's my video walkthrough of Flood Fill:

Screenshots for addition help:

An interview with Kralis

User: Moderator Kralis

1) What is the origin of your username?

I got my username from an unhealthy addiction with Runescape. I was into ranged attacks and there was an armor set belong to the Burrow's brother Karils. I liked the name, so I changed some letters around and got Kralis.(It may be Barrow's, I forgot)

2) Who do you think is the funniest kongregator?


3) Do you have an absolute best friend on kongregate?

Yeah. Several. Ljrules95 and iwannakissthesun.

4) xxAchillesxx: noob or cool dude?

DAT DOOD IS TTLY KOOL. I love him loads.

5) Favorite celebrity?

I don't like celebrities. They're boring and uninteresting, and they annoy me tons. :P

6) What color underwear am I wearing?

None I hope! :P

7) Do you have a favorite kongregate game? (Excluding the battalion games I know you love so much XD)

I love MARDEK: RPG Chapter 2; even though i've only played it once. Dino run rocks, too!

8) Favorite Kong chat room?

The Red Bucket of course. The room I own! :D

9) Do you think Ljrules95 is hawt?

ppp, yeah he is sooper hawt, but not as hawt as the_squall.

10) What is your favorite animal?

I'd say the snake though i'm generally frightened of them.

11) Favorite sport?

Tennis. :P

12) Can you picture yourself 10 years from now, jobless, with only 1 hobby/activity: modding kongregate?

Reluctantly no.

13) Do you wish to stab me? *talks about Battalion games*

Yes! With a rusty blade! :D

14) What Kongregator would you rather marry: The big hunk o' man-Gryljams or that hawtness-old_brown_shoe?

Neither. :P

15) Last question...Did you enjoy this interview?

Yes actually. It was fun!

Hope you enjoyed my first interview for KCG!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

5 Differences

5 Differences is an amazing game made by the awesome developer Ivory, and it's his first game in the "X Differences" series. Complete with beautiful scenery, some humor and a melancholy mood, 5 Differences is one of the most interesting games on Kongregate.

5 Differences is an amazing puzzle made by the great developer Ivory, and it's his first game in the "X Differences" saga. Complete with beautiful background, some humor and a melancholy mood, 5 Differences is one of the most unique games on Kongregate.

Anyway, because many of us don't want to have to spend an hour staring at one level, badly wanting to hit our heads against a wall, here is a guide for if you're stuck at one part.

Each level has a certain amount of differences possible, though only five will be included. Here is a list of these possible differences, so you can find the ones

Level One

- The 'C' in 'Differences'.
- The man on the bench.
- The birds.
- One of the branches of the tree, in between the two upper branches.
- Top of the tallest building.
- The tree's shadow.
- The nearest line on the sidewalk.

Level Two

- The man in the yellow's sandals.
- The red and orange paint buckets.
- The man in the brown shirt.
- The green and yellow paint buckets.
- The lines on the sidewalk.
- The building closest to the tree.

Level Three

- The robot's claw.
- The robot's glasses.
- Part of the bushes, near the tree and almost directly above the sign.
- "The Grass" on the sign.
- The sun and the cloud.
- The very upper right tree.
- The third tree right from the stairs.

Level Four

Note: All differences are located on the sign (which happens to be a reference to the song "Paranoid Android" by Radiohead, by the way).

- The dot between "Park Area".
- "Be a patient better driver".
- "No more microwaved dinners and saturated fats".
- "No killing moths and putting boiling water on ants".
- "No bad dreams".
- "Trash bins are for park use only".
- "Pets must be kept on a leash".
- "Become fitter, happier, and more productive".
- "Keep in contact with old friends".
- "Never cry in public".
- "Not paranoid".

Level Five

- The third plant to the right at the bottom.
- The shadow of the bridge.
- One of the smaller dark gray rocks between the walking sign and the bridge.
- The dark gray rock in between the bunch of three plants and the bunch of two plants, again near the bottom.
- The rock in the bottom left.
- The grass at the base of the bridge.
- One of the tiles on the bridge.
- One of the two buttons on the top of the sign.

Level Six

- The sign next to the stairs.
- The shirt of the man with the light.
- The top left tree.
- Another of the top left trees, this time the color if it's leaves.
- The skinny tree right of the stairs.
- The shadow of the guitar player.

Level Seven

- One of the bases of the steel pillars.
- PM graffiti.
- The top of one of the buildings.
- The upper left cloud.
- The bottom of the red trail coming from the hard.
- The drips coming from the big splotch at the bottom of the heart.
- One of the buildings in the reflection, near the man.
- The bolt at the very left.

Level Eight

- The tile nearest to the tree.
- Cord coming from the tree, near it's shadow.
- Lines of the bench's shadow.
- One of the chords hanging of the tree, near it's upper base.
- The top of the very left building.
- The smallest cloud.
- The little... "thing" hanging off of the tree, near the tree's upper left.

Level Nine

- "On the soles of your shoes?" Right under the large "GOT DIAMONDS".
- The buildings over the got diamonds sign.
- The doors on the building with the number (the number depends on how many differences you have left).
- The bottom of the door near the hitchhikers thumb.
- The backpack behind the hitchhiker.
- The model behind the hitchhiker.

Level Ten

- The right stocking of the girl.
- The lock on the door.
- The top of the girl's umbrella.
- The tile above the door.
- The upper part of the long pipe.
- The window.

Level Eleven

- The third bird above the billboard.
- The buckle on the billboard.
- "... or don't".
- One of the pillars holding up the billboard, towards the left.
- A batch of bricks on the wall, once again near the left.
- One of the birds at the right of the wall.

Level Twelve

This one is a bit tricky.
To make it clear, the 'black' tiles are the darker gray tiles. Just so it isn't as confusing.

- The shadow under the man's feet.
- The batch of four tiles (three black tiles around one gray one) near the top.
- The black tile near the very left - center of the wall.
- The black tile nearest the man's sign, to the left.
- The black tile nearest to the left of the man's feet.
- The four tiles very near the two tiles mentioned above.
- The line of the sidewalk located very much to the right.

Level Thirteen

- The gray tile right of the window.
- The gray tile above and to the right of the window.
- The gray and black tiles to the very bottom right.
- The gray wall inside the house.
- The man's foot.
- The buttons on the TV.

Level Fourteen

- The arrangement of tiles under the window.
- The black tile barely visible to the lower right of the window.
- The black tile to the upper left.
- The pick-ups on the guitar.
- The base of the light.

Level Fifteen

- One of the stars directly above the sign.
- The star to the upper-right of the number on the horizon.
- The "soon" under "come back" on the sign.
- The tree to the right.
- The line on the road, to the right.

And that's all! Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough!
If you have any questions, or I missed something, just leave a comment and I'll respond as quickly as I can!

Dotville Deluxe Review

It's good to be king! Or at least, it seems like that would be the deal. In any case, Dotville Deluxe is a pretty original civilization game, starring a small... dot who has big plans of starting his own kingdom! Starting out as a mere civilian, you work your way up as your community grows larger and more powerful.

So the gameplay is pretty basic. You have the options of building, trading, build your army and overall attempt to do whatever will let your civilization grow. You can build farms, which increases food for dots and trade, marketplaces, which increases your amount of 'bucks', a mine which produces iron, and a 'smithy' which is for weapons. You can trade, which is basically another way of buying, since money is really the only thing you're using to purchase. You can choose the 'army' button, which increases your dot troops, a 'food rate' choice in which you can increase food for your villagers, you can raise or lower the tax rate, and lastly you can make the expensive choice of upgrading your fortress. The game's simplicity makes it fun, and especially easy to get into.That being said, it's easy to get out, too. There are a number of ways you can lose the game, which is why keeping you must keep your dots healthy, happy and free from harm. It's your job to be a good, friendly king who is good to his people.

The illustrations are fairly basic, not sleek nor ugly. It's your standard, fairly-scraggly flash animation that is sufficient for any Flash game of this kind. The set-up is extremely easy and uncomplicated, which does good for the game overall. The only issues of ambiguity is within the game mechanics, where losing can seem simultaneous, which seems to be the game's biggest flaw when you begin.

For this type of game, it seems you lose too easily at first. Everything will be going well, and suddenly you find that your dots run away to never return, and you don't know why. For some it may encourage you to figure out why you lost, and how to prevent it, but for others it may be a large turn-off. It really depends on how much enjoy games like this. This is essentially why it's important to go through the instructions. (it's even in red)
Pros and cons:
- Simple
- Challenging
- They're dots, that's enough

- Ambiguous at times
- Repetitive

One of the game's biggest problems is that it gets repetitive very quickly. While being simple is good at the beginning of the game, it can also be a problem if it limits the game's growth. The game turns out to be a bit more suiting for those who have the patience to sit through the same style of levels over and over for a while, with slow progression.
It's sort of Travius like, without actually being online. Sometimes it seems like you're doing nothing to get nothing as an outcome, which can be a flaw in a lot of games (perhaps in games in general).

ANYWAY, the game is definitely a lot of fun if you've got patience and some time on your hands. Working to the 50 turn mark can be tedious, but it's definitely quite satisfactory when you make it. The game may not be as good as some of the more polished and intricate Flash games out there, but it's definitely pretty fun.

I'm going to go ahead and give it a 7.5/10!
Play Dotville Deluxe on

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

MegaDrill Walkthrough

NOTE: At the moment, only the video portion of the walkthrough is complete. Give me some time to finish the written guide.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Balloon in a Wasteland Walkthrough

My walkthrough on Balloon in a Wasteland.

Only purchase items from the 'Gun Shop'.
1. Fully upgrade your starter weapon.
2. Buy and fully upgrade a revolver.
3. Buy and fully upgrade an Assault Rifle.

You should be done by the time the next 'Gun Shop' comes by.

Friday, February 12, 2010


Elements, by zanzarino, is the game that has been badged today. Elements is an online CCG (collectable card game) in which there are different elements (time, water, darkness...) and different game modes (PVP, PVP Duel...). In my opinion, it's much better than Kongai. And also, one of the best things of this game, is that its content is 100% free!

The goal in this game is, as in every other card game, defeat your opponent. To defeat your opponent you must use different strategies and cards. If you defeat your opponent you'll get money and if you lose you'll lose it. With money you can buy and upgrade cards; you can also sell cards if you need money or don't need a card.

Quick review
Sound: This game's music is nice and relaxing to hear, and it's the sort of music you get in such games, which is good. Its sound and sound effects are awesome as there are sounds for every small detail like playing a card, "killing" a card and other nice effects in-game, 0.9.
Difficulty: Its difficulty is okay, as it's not too hard to get all the badges, it's just that you have to spend more time playing to get them. It is good in a way, as it's easy to regain money if you've lost or spent it all, 0.7.
Graphics: The graphics are very very nice, as all the cards have a different drawing. These card drawings are also very well drawn and they have been professionally drawn by experts. Also, the quality of this game by zanzarino is very good. I must say that the graphics are one of the best game graphics I have ever seen, 1.
Gameplay: Playing this game is fun once you understand how to play it. It's addictive and exciting. This game is a fast card game, which makes it even better as you don't have to wait much, 0.8.
Controls: The game only needs to be played with the mouse, which makes its controls good. Understanding the instructions is harder, though, but there are several similar card games in real life which are played similarly, 0.9.
Total: My total rating for this game is 4.5 / 5. I really liked this game and think the best thing of it is the whole concept of card games and its graphics. Kongregate's rating as of 12/02/2010: 4.35 / 5.