Thursday, February 25, 2010

An interview with Kralis

User: Moderator Kralis

1) What is the origin of your username?

I got my username from an unhealthy addiction with Runescape. I was into ranged attacks and there was an armor set belong to the Burrow's brother Karils. I liked the name, so I changed some letters around and got Kralis.(It may be Barrow's, I forgot)

2) Who do you think is the funniest kongregator?


3) Do you have an absolute best friend on kongregate?

Yeah. Several. Ljrules95 and iwannakissthesun.

4) xxAchillesxx: noob or cool dude?

DAT DOOD IS TTLY KOOL. I love him loads.

5) Favorite celebrity?

I don't like celebrities. They're boring and uninteresting, and they annoy me tons. :P

6) What color underwear am I wearing?

None I hope! :P

7) Do you have a favorite kongregate game? (Excluding the battalion games I know you love so much XD)

I love MARDEK: RPG Chapter 2; even though i've only played it once. Dino run rocks, too!

8) Favorite Kong chat room?

The Red Bucket of course. The room I own! :D

9) Do you think Ljrules95 is hawt?

ppp, yeah he is sooper hawt, but not as hawt as the_squall.

10) What is your favorite animal?

I'd say the snake though i'm generally frightened of them.

11) Favorite sport?

Tennis. :P

12) Can you picture yourself 10 years from now, jobless, with only 1 hobby/activity: modding kongregate?

Reluctantly no.

13) Do you wish to stab me? *talks about Battalion games*

Yes! With a rusty blade! :D

14) What Kongregator would you rather marry: The big hunk o' man-Gryljams or that hawtness-old_brown_shoe?

Neither. :P

15) Last question...Did you enjoy this interview?

Yes actually. It was fun!

Hope you enjoyed my first interview for KCG!

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