Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Last Door – Chapter 1: The Letter Walkthrough

General information
“Headphones and dark environment recommended,” the game tells you in the beginning. Listen to that advice; it’s worth it! The Last Door by TheGameKitchen is a simple yet creepy little horror point-and-click adventure, heavily inspired by the likes of Edgar Allan Poe and Howard Philipps Lovecraft. Its strong point definitely is the creepy atmosphere, thanks to some good writing, great music, excellent sound design, and pixel art which leaves more to the players’ imagination than it shows while still being explicit when it needs to.
           Of course, you can do most of the tasks in another order. But I tried to keep the backtracking to a minimum, and there is still a lot of it!

Classic point-and-click adventure: Left-click somewhere to make your avatar go there. (Prepare yourself for some seriously slow walking.) If an object is usable, the cursor changes when you move the mouse over the object. A magnifying glass mean you can look at something, a hand means you can use it or pick it up. Most stuff is only usable after you have examined it, so don’t forget to click some things twice! Your inventory is displayed in the bottom of the screen. To advance in dialogues, just click anywhere in the game screen.
          Also, there are some “accessibility options”: To enable a dyslexia-friendly font for in-game dialogue and descriptions, press 1. If you do that, the letters are “clean” and not pixelated, which makes them easier to read, but they don’t fit into the game that good anymore. You can add written descriptions of sound to the game by pressing 2. To go in and out of fullscreen mode, simply press 3.