Sunday, September 21, 2008

Thing-Thing 4 Weapon Briefing

-Guide made by: Iceburg116-
So, want to beat the next Thing-Thing game to hit Kongregate but stuck? Well, luck day, cause I'm here for you!
So here's the base of it, if you have never heard of the Thing-Thing series. It's a side-scrolling bloody kill-'em-all shooter. Rather fun and enjoyable but not something you want the children around.
Badges you ask? Why, yes, Kong has some badges for Thing-Thing 4, and here they are:
"Taste Of Blood" Easy 5 points - Kill 50 Enemies then finish the level; My input, real easy truthfully. Just shoot, smash, and fight your way to this badge. Shouldn't take anymore than 10 minutes.
"Kill Drill" Medium 15 points - Kill 88 enemies with the Melee Weapon then finish the level; Not really hard to attain but killing someone with a Lead Pipe takes a while. Tip: Shoot someone three or four times then Melee them, it still counts as a Melee Kill. =D
"Live And Let Die" Hard 30 points - Not real hard, parse, but it does take time, you need to beat all 28 levels to earn this sucker. Tip: Make friends with any weapon you like, especially the hidden ones. The hidden areas will get into in a second, however.

Weapon list: (There are too many names so I'll just say the types and any weapon that stands out)
Pistols - Good, but won't do a whole lot for your killing spree. The 1911A Is good if you have plenty of ammo and only a few enemies.
Magnums - I love 'em but there are not enough of them. .44 Viper and Desert Eagle are all you'll find here, but are extremely powerful. So, noting this I suggest killing anyone who has this first (2nd if someone else has a shotgun) because they will make your screen go red so fast faster than most other weps.
SMGs - You'll like 'em, until you go full-auto. They shoot accurately for a bit then things go south (Or north) and the bullets spray across the ceiling and walls, not actually touching the enemy. Good as a back up, but with short controlled burst of 1 - 4 shots it may be favorable.
Shotguns - You will love or hate these. If you want to get the Hard badge, you'll want to love. Their ammo is 12 Gauge and will tear through an enemy with it's 5-bullet spray with extra shots still flying. Plenty good to have, but not for the entirety of the game. You may find yourself keeping the first one yo get, if you're good, though.
Grenade (or)[Flechette] Launcher - You fire them, they go boom. But if you hit an enemy directly instant kill (Not for Hades), also the Flechette Launcher will shoot Spikes after detonation, which will severely damage all enemies around the last radius. Yes, even you.
Automatic Shotguns - A SMG-Shotgun hybrid, they auto spray shotgun shots but with MUCH less accuracy at a much higher rate of fire. I personally do not like them, but you may pick one up for yourself by all means if you want to test it.
Gauss Weapons - These are pistols and shotguns mostly. They do not stop on one enemy but will continue through ALL of them. The Shotgun is one of the hidden ones, so by all means keep this. This is one of the two weapons that can tear Hades' up in a few shots.
Special Weapons - Here be the Brain Drill, Universal Bean Cannon, Laser Canon, and N.U.K.E., Weapons that are beautiful to fire off in an enemies face, but slightly tricky to get. To get these plus others who's weapons names I have forgotten (Excludes the Bean Cannon and N.U.K.E.) is simple more or less. Chances are that on your first play through you'll have missed this. You'll be in an area that is mostly just a long walkway with a girder on the ceiling or the ground. On the roof will be a red alarm light, which you must shoot or Melee to break, which causes the Girder to open. When it is open you need to go in there (duh), find a Key Card in the area the Girder opened, and walk up to a steel door that looks surprisingly, a lot like the girder, after having the key card to open the door and be able to take these God-Send weapons.
The first one will have the Shotgun, if you do not make you say "DUZ WANT" then you will have a hard time in the next few rooms. There are two other weapons but these aren't vital, take if you wish though.
Now, sadly, I have forgotten what are in the Second and Third rooms other than a Desert Eagle Magnum (One shot to the head = instant Death on regular difficulty) and the Laser Cannon and the Gauss Shotgun. These latter two are NEEDED to kill Hades' last form, so take it unless you feel you want a challenge.
Note on the secret area: The last two are too high for regular jumps, try walking forward and at the apex of your jump back-flip, it should allow you to reach the ledge that was formed newly by the opening.

Mini-Boss: Helicopter
This is.. Kinda hard.. You will have a HK-21 at your disposal (Infinite ammo while in this fight) and you have one small target next to the back rotor, square shaped and it kinda sticks out. Shoot this (absurd number here) times to cause damage to the Helli and eventually it'll fall.
Tips: During the first stage (It'll only drops bombs) Stay to the left or right side of the screen dependent on the Helli's location and avoid the bombs. A full barrage from these will kill you on Hardcore, and I think on Regular mode will kill you or severely damage you.
2nd stage (Main Rotors are flaming) Your opponent will bring out a Chain Gun and continue to drop bombs. A full barrage of the bullets will kill you, and so will the bombs. Keep out of the blast radius of the bombs and keep moving while having a steady bead on your target.
3rd stage (Rear rotor is flaming) Same as before but this is a little tougher, she will move more often, shoot more often, and bomb more often. In Hardcore this is TOUGH, but on regular mode it just needs a smidgen of skill. Same strategy as before until the whole Helli explodes and starts to fall to the street.
Gratz, you just killed the Mid-game boss =)

Final Boss: Hades
Ehh, not too tough if you got the Laser Cannon/Gauss Shotgun earlier on in the game. I'd take the Laser Cannon, just for the power and width of the shot over the Spray-and-Pray tactics famous to all Shotguns. The first part is easy, just shoot him three or four times and he's down. The second part (Where the Arachnid legs sprout from his back) does get tough, he will swipe at you with these newly formed ligaments and shoot you with his patented Hades' Rifle. Keep near him, but not too close or far or his legs will 1-hit-KO you. Just fire away and voila', you have taken down the final boss and attained the Hades Rifle! (If you picked it up)

Other notes: The two elevator levels are hard, yes, but don't give in! Keep it up, it'll end eventually I swear! If you need to try walking forward and at the apex of your jump back-flip to reach the teleporters where the mercenaries spawn.
The White Soldiers and the Black Soldiers are tough, yes, but they can only take so many shotgun rounds to the face. =)
Keep between the enemy and his barrel, he may still fire but where the bullet comes out won't touch you! Plus, this is good for Melee Kills as well.
The part right after Hades is endless, yes. You are meant to lose. But by all means keep shooting away Last-Stand style if that's your game, you might get a Kong Hi Score if you kill enough.
Hardcore mode is much tougher, therefore all kills take longer and you get killed WAY easier. Visit the Armory before each Level when you continue.
I myself have never reached the N.U.K.E. but I glitched the game (Not a good glitch, mind you) and have seen it. It's raw, but due to the glitch it could not fire.
The glitch, when I got it, was die right AS you walk into a new area. This happened to me going into the Genetic Research Lab while being shot with a .44 Viper Magnum at absolute Red. I had every weapon but the ammo said "Und." for Undefined and would not fire. Even weapons I picked up had "Und." ammo, even though the bullets showed topped off. Don't do this glitch, you can only use the Lead Pipe and that will -not- kill Hades =/

If I find anything else of importance or you want me to add something I'll see what I can do to edit it.
And forgive my typos, I lagged majorly today and sometimes the text wouldn't show, so I will fix that when I spot it. I can't proof-read right now because this took much more time than I previously had hat it would and am running short of seconds.
Hoped I helped you all out!
Update: ~Spell checked and re-read! All, if not most, of the typos are abolished. If I find more I'll check into it again ^^


Iceburg116 said...

Ahh, not good. The biggest typo of all is the title! I had meant it to be a Weapon Guide but thought I would do better making a whole guide! Sorry, everyone!

hipcheck said...

Please go back over the whole article. I was reviewing everything and at times had no idea what you were trying to say. Thank you. It is a very helpful guide as well. thanks for the hard work.