Thursday, September 18, 2008

Warlords : Heroes (Gladiator Guide) -By ThirdParty

Here is a quote of ThirdParty's excellent guide for Warlords: Heroes , Gladiator mode.

Here’s an account of my game and the tactics I used.

I chose the orc PC.

(1) I faced an enemy with a sword and shield. I stood at a safe range, hit him, backed out of range of his counterattack, and repeated. Won with essentially no damage.

(2) I faced an enemy with a dagger and shield. I used the same tactics as against the sword and shield. This time I took some damage, since one of his counterattacks is too fast to safely back away from, but I still won with over half my life left. I think which counterattack he uses depends on which range you attacked from; you want him to use the creeping-under-shield-cover attack so you can safely get back away. The PC is just a hair faster than him, so with patience it’s possible to get back to the good range if too close.

(3) I faced an enemy with two swords. I hit him repeatedly with my retreating attack, taking essentially no damage. (Could do this blindfolded, if you had to: just hold down the back and attack keys.)

(4) I faced an enemy bowman. Ignoring his puny arrows, I just walked up and whacked him. He would kick if I got too close, but this wasn’t any more damaging than the arrows.

(5) I faced an enemy sorcerer. I mostly used the same strategy as against the bowman, but I took care to block if he threw too many attacks at me at once, and I kicked if he teleported right on top of me. (I foolishly paused after the fight in order to jot down my notes. Don’t do this: a stray skybolt hit me during the pause, weakening my health against the next enemy.)

(6) I faced an enemy whirler. I just held down my attack key; he picked a range that was comfortable for both of us, and we stood there trading blows until he died. (Another blindfolded win. I’ve had this tactic work against level 9 whirlers, but beyond that it’s probably ill-advised.)

(7) I faced an enemy with a halberd. I kept myself generally in a guarding position, and every time he walked past me I would kick and slice before resuming the guard.

(8) I faced an enemy with a two-handed sword, just like mine. I kept myself generally in a guarding position. Every time he attacked with an overhand swipe, I counter-attacked with a slice. Every time he lunged, I counterattacked with a kick and then a slice. Not hard. (Thanks again, saneiac: I didn’t know how to beat this guy until I read your guide.)

(9) I faced another enemy with a two-handed sword. Same tactics as before, but it felt even easier this time. Occasionally I would swipe twice during my counterattack, just to make the battle go faster.

(10) I faced an enemy with a spear and shield. I jumped in close, and then used a kick-swipe-repeat rhythm.

(11) I faced another enemy whirler. This one moved around more than the previous one. I fought him using almost the same tactics I used against the halberdier: stay guarded, kick as soon he comes within kicking range, swipe, and then go back to guard.

(12) I faced another enemy with a spear and shield. Unlike the previous spearman, this one tended to move around a lot and use somersaults whenever I got in close. This was by far the toughest battle. I managed to squeak through using the same tactics as against the mobile whirler: stay guarded, take opportunities to kick and slice, and then return to guard.

(13) I faced an enemy with a flail. This is easy: just jump in and use a kick-swipe-repeat rhythm, like against the first spearman. The flailer is very slow, so you’ve got a wide margin of error for your timing. I didn’t even take damage except for a mistake with my initial jump.

I got the badge, and the cycle repeated: there are exactly thirteen enemies. The enemy with the sword and shield was still easy (which suggests to me that the best enemy to start with, if just going for the badge, would have been the guy with the dagger and shield; or you could try starting with the mobile whirler). The guy with the dagger and shield defeated me with almost half of his life left; clearly I need a different tactic for dealing with him. I’ve tried blocking his fast counterattack, but that leaves me at the wrong range with no good way to get back.

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