Sunday, October 19, 2008

Review: Warfare: 1917

Warfare: 1917 can be found Here!
Audio:The war sound effects really go great with the game play. It really seems like you are the head of an army in a war. The sound is really clear and just perfect!

Graphics:Some of the graphics are blurry, but I would assume that since its supposed to be a war field with smoke and dust. I still liked the graphics a lot especially for the game theme.

Gameplay:I love the way this game is. It's a mixture of Epic War strategy with Sonny epicness. This is one of my favorite games now and the portrayed image of the war occurring in1917 is awesome.

Originality:I would love to give this game a 1.0, but there are a few other games that have this basic design and the game play is like many other games.

Difficulty:This game can be difficult, but if you get your strategy down you should be able do well. Remember, focus on whats happening in the battlefield!

Overall: 4.4 A totally awesome game!

Tips:Be sure to plan according by where your enemies are. Always be alert of when you can call air support. Summon your forces accordingly. Just play smart, and focus.


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