Friday, October 3, 2008

New Name

Hey everyone hipcheck here. According to the recent poll you think we should change our name. Post here and let me know what you think we should change our name to and if anyone is daring enough to make a new banner with a new name.


hokage4354 said...

Hipcheck, heres the badge picture you wanted.

I think the new name should be "Kongregate Bloggers"

or "Kongregate Guides"

or "Kongregate Guides&Reviews"

BlargElite said...

"Kongregate Guides&Reviews"

Muhlakai said...

I missed the poll. I think your name is fine, but if you're going to change it I wouldn't change it radically so that you maintain your name recognition.

Kongai Collectible Card Game seems more appropriate for the main intent of the blog and probably won't dissuade other readers from checking in.

Kongregate Guides and Reviews seems like a great name but pretty much tosses the entire name recognition idea.

Kongregate Collective Guides at least changes the acronym by only one word, and there's no reason you can't try to inspire questions by keeping the extra 'c.' Why would you keep two Cs? Your answer can be a wry, witty, "one is silent..." Also, "Collective" references the fact that the blog is a multiauthor collaboration.

Possibly "Kongregate Collective's Charts & Guides?" I've seen plenty of lists on here, often included in guides themselves. (i.e.: the list of Amorphous+ awards)

Anonymous said...

I would loose the kongregate and just go with Flash Guides & Reviews

Yeknomssa said...

I like what Muhlakai said, and my vote goes for: Kongregate Collective Guides

Yeknomssa said...

I had another idea actually: Kongregate Card Game and Guides