Monday, October 27, 2008

Vectorious Alpha Signup

From the post:

Hello! We’re going crazy with game testing here lately and we need a few good testers to play around with an alpha of one of the Kongregate Multiplayer Games not mentioned in our earlier press releases and postings.
The game is Vectorious, by SMERC Designs. The idea behind Vectorious is that you can upload any picture you want (ahem – any clean picture you want) and the game will transform it into a vector image. At that point you and up to three other players take turns destroying that image as physics are applied and knocking each piece into its correct color goal. It’s the quickest user-created-level system ever made, and the possible levels are as endless as Google Images. ;)
We just need a few people to volunteer to test the game and report bugs and any other problems. Simply sign up here by saying you’re in on this thread and as soon as the alpha’s ready we’ll email you the link to test Vectorious.
Don’t worry if you’re not one of the first testers. You’ll get in eventually!
Thanks everyone!

Sounds interesting.  Follow the link if you're interested.

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