Friday, October 17, 2008

Microbe Kombat Tips

Viral Flash Game Challenge:
Another challenge has faced kongregate users, if you want to have the close ranged amazon babe then you need to eat 20 ememies in Microbe Kombat. This is an easy task but will take a little patience.

There are also 3 badges for this microscopic game.
An easy and two medium badges stand in your way of 35 points and a great card.

For the easy badge and card you just need to eat enemies. There are only tips that I can give you for this game.
1. Eat as much protein as possible
2. Don't split (It makes you too easy to be eaten and then you really have to fight for protein)
3. Avoid viruses as much as possible
4. Eat little guys fast
5. Stay with enemies when you can so you can just get in front of them
6. Keep playing (the game is not that hard it just takes time, so keep at it)

Here is a video from Tasselfoot

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