Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Review: I wish I were the Moon

I wish I were the Moon can be found Here!
Audio:There is no continuous music throughout this short game, but the sounds that are in the game are simple and clear. The musical piece in the game really is an enchanting melody.

Graphics:The graphics are very simple but they are appropriate and fit well with the game.

Gameplay:This game can be done in a minute or so, but it's still an interesting game to play.

Originality:I have yet to see any game on Kongregate like this. The concept is beautiful and the maker of the game came up with an idea that has never been done before.

Difficulty:Since the game can be done in a few minutes the difficulty is low, but one of the "endings" in the game is hard to find which is why I gave it this rating.

Overall: 3.0 An OK game to play.

Tips:Tips as far as gameplay would be to think outside the box when finding the endings. As far as appreciating the game goes, love the concept of the game, not the short gameplay.


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