Thursday, October 2, 2008

Review: Straw Hat Samurai

Straw Hat Samurai can be found Here!
Audio:The sounds in the game are really good, the only thing that bothers me is the repetitive background song at the map. It's way too short to be repetitive.

Graphics:I really like the graphics in this game. They're really flash game like, and bring back memories of Samurai Jack. ; D

Gameplay:This game is a true ninja style game. The only downside is the walking. A lot of players, including myself, recommend an option to use wasd to move. It would be a lot easier.

Originality:This game is really original but there are quiet a few side scrolling games like this.

Difficulty:Once you get the hang of the game it really isn't hard.

Overall: 3.8 A great game.

Tips:I recommend using slashes to get around the stage rather then walking because of how slow he walks. I'd also recommend killing archers first since they can do major damage not dealt with.



hipcheck said...

what do you think of all the added pictures?

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Actually it's fine, I just made the image clearer.

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