Wednesday, October 29, 2008


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Stats and Info:
Physical Defense: 0
Light Defense: 1
Dark Defense: 5
HP: 60
Innate: 25% chance to dodge physical attacks

General Use:
It's everybody's favorite gender-confused child! Playing Popo is a lot like using a coin to bet on winning or not. Popo's two main damaging moves, Slingshot and Poison Dart, will deal out major damage 50% of the time. The other 50%, however, is when Popo is completely useless on your side. The upside to this is that Poison Dart and Slingshot are very cheap moves (20 energy and 25 energy), and Popo will be able to repeat these moves as much as he/she wants. Popo also has Herbal Preparations, which gives his poison dart another 50% chance for a 3x4 poison damage and gives him/her a 30% chance to heal 25 HP. Against slow enemies, Popo can use Knee Bash, which is a speed 7 interrupt for 45 energy.

Suggested Items:

Elusive Feather: This, in combination with his/her innate, gives Popo an overall ~45% chance to dodge physical attacks. This is pretty useful considering Popo's low HP. Keep in mind that it's only for Physical Attacks and not for any other attack, so Popo would still be vulnerable to any Light or Dark attacks.
Deadly Poison: This gives Popo a pretty big damage boost for his/her poison dart and makes him/her a bit more reliable.

Noted Matchups:

vs. Cornelius: Yet again, Cornelius gets curb-stomped by some random character. At close, Cornelius's pilebunker gets stopped by Knee Bash, and even if it doesn't, there's still the dodge chance that Popo has. Popo, however, can't poison Cornelius due to a bug in the Kongai engine. Still, that doesn't stop Popo from having a clear advantage over Cornelius.

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