Friday, October 31, 2008

Factory Balls Walkthrough

Factory Balls can be found here!

This is a walkthrough for Factory Balls. I messed up once at the end but still had 3 balls left. So there is wiggle room. Enjoy your 15 points.


Picks for Halloween

Hey guys, hope you're all having a great Halloween. Here's a couple of games just for the occasion.
In Orchestrated Death, you play as the Grim Reaper. Your job is, well, to kill people. It's a point-and-click kind of game. In order to kill some people, you need to time your actions.
Graphics are fairly gory (which is pretty much expected) and enjoyable. The music is a bit overdramatic and I think it gets a bit annoying after a while. The gameplay is pretty much just like any other standard point and click game but a bit on the short side. Despite its shortcomings, it's still an enjoyable game to play.

Reincarnation: ADDO is another point-and-click style game. You play as a demon from hell, and your job is to find a man who needs to go back to hell.
The maker rushed this game out so that it could get places by Halloween. The game is shorter than it should have been because of that, but the gameplay is still great nonetheless. I found the voices to be somewhat annoying.
The developer was nice enough to write a walkthrough and put a link right in the game.

Dark Cut 1 is a classic on Kongregate. When it was released, Kongregate's staff gave it the "funniest game" award. Dark Cut 2 is the sequel, which features much better graphics and much better control.

The plots in the two games are for the most part the same. You're a medieval doctor in Dark Cut 1 and a civil war doctor in Dark Cut 2. Your job is to carry out surgery on people. The game tells you what to do, and you have to do it right and precisely (to a point).

Here's video guides for both games, but honestly, you don't need them because the game tells you what to do anyway.
Walkthrough for Dark Cut 1:
Walkthrough for Dark Cut 2:

Reincarnation: ADDO

Reincarnation can be found here.

Here is a walkthrough for Reincarnation: ADDO from the official website. This game is said to possibly get a badge as soon as greg thinks of one so here is the walkthrough.


Thursday, October 30, 2008

SHIFT 3 Achievements

SHIFT 3 can be found here.
SHIFT 3 is an extremely highly rated game and the other 2 had badges so I just wanted to post up all the achievements in case for whatever the badges are. That is if this gets badges then you will be ready.
This is from Top left to Bottom right.
Shell Shocked- Reach the explosion in the beginning
Appreciator- Go to the credits
Supporter- Click the more games button
Level Builder- Build a level duh.
Literati- Read about Shift 4
Roast Hog- Wait around a while to see the hedge hog go down in flames when you are looking at the Earth
Blackhole Son- Shift at the end when it says you shouldn't
Escape- Finish the game the right way
Speedy 8 Mins- Finish the game in 8 minutes or less. That is 480 secnds when you see your timer later.
Paperboy- Collect all 4 papers
PDA Avoider- Don't take the PDA in the begining. You get this as soon as you get to the top level.
Grey Games PP- Complete the Grey Games player pack
Azurieq PP- Complete the Azurieq player pack
Assorted PP- Complete the Assorted player pack
All PP's Beat- Complete all the player packs in any order
Quitter- Quit at any point during the game
And that is all folks. I'm pretty sure this will get badges so I just wanted to give everyone a heads up of what to expect. I will be doing a full walkthrough later if it does get badges.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Kongregate Halloween Header Contest!

The wonderful babuchan created a submission for the contest, and she is the winner! If you go to Kongregate anytime from now to Halloween you will see her awesome submission as the header. Congratulations, It really looks superb for Halloween with the Zombie Ants!



Come back next Wednesday for the next card!

Stats and Info:
Physical Defense: 0
Light Defense: 1
Dark Defense: 5
HP: 60
Innate: 25% chance to dodge physical attacks

General Use:
It's everybody's favorite gender-confused child! Playing Popo is a lot like using a coin to bet on winning or not. Popo's two main damaging moves, Slingshot and Poison Dart, will deal out major damage 50% of the time. The other 50%, however, is when Popo is completely useless on your side. The upside to this is that Poison Dart and Slingshot are very cheap moves (20 energy and 25 energy), and Popo will be able to repeat these moves as much as he/she wants. Popo also has Herbal Preparations, which gives his poison dart another 50% chance for a 3x4 poison damage and gives him/her a 30% chance to heal 25 HP. Against slow enemies, Popo can use Knee Bash, which is a speed 7 interrupt for 45 energy.

Suggested Items:

Elusive Feather: This, in combination with his/her innate, gives Popo an overall ~45% chance to dodge physical attacks. This is pretty useful considering Popo's low HP. Keep in mind that it's only for Physical Attacks and not for any other attack, so Popo would still be vulnerable to any Light or Dark attacks.
Deadly Poison: This gives Popo a pretty big damage boost for his/her poison dart and makes him/her a bit more reliable.

Noted Matchups:

vs. Cornelius: Yet again, Cornelius gets curb-stomped by some random character. At close, Cornelius's pilebunker gets stopped by Knee Bash, and even if it doesn't, there's still the dodge chance that Popo has. Popo, however, can't poison Cornelius due to a bug in the Kongai engine. Still, that doesn't stop Popo from having a clear advantage over Cornelius.

See Also:

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Review: Wooden Path

Wooden Path can be found Here!
Audio:The music in this game reminds me of "Winnie the Pooh" for some reason. It's too cheerful and bright/happy for me, but there's nothing really wrong with it I guess.

Graphics:The graphics can use a little bit of work as far as clarity goes. Nothing special about the graphics, but they're not bad either.

Gameplay:I like puzzle games, but I know for a fact that this game was underrated because people don't like the gameplay. Whether it be amount of gameplay, or the difficulty, a lot of users don't like the gameplay. I for one, Really like this game's gameplay, mainly because I'm good at theese type of games.

Originality:Puzzle style game with some twists added in. I don't know any other well known games like this, but it's the concept has been used before.

Difficulty:Some people say that the hard badge should be impossible but I urge to disagree. If you can just think out the stages and figure out what to do, this game is possible.

Overall: 4.2 A totally awesome game!

Tips:Just focus on what the intent is for each stage. Where certain blocks should go, and what would be the most logical way to connect the bridge peaces.

Tuesday Card Challenge: Deadly Poison R2

Happy Tuesday, Kongregants. Today's challenge is on Wooden Path. Its an intriguing puzzle game in which your goal is to connect two banks of a river with bridges. Complete 10 of these and you'll be rewarded with the R2 version of Deadly Poison. This card is very nice for villagers like Popo who inherently have lots of poison damage attacks available to them. It adds quite a bit of damage to a high percentage of attacks, making it quite a useful card.

The tutorial at the beginning of the game is excellent at explaining what you need to do throughout your bridge building endeavors. To get the card, you need to complete any 10 bridges, we'll take the low road and do the easiest.


The first bridge is the easiest, simply move the grey blocks out of the way and make sure the pieces of the wooden path connect. That's it, bridge number 1 done.

Bridge number 2 is a quick test on linking gates to open up the magic squares. Start with the only free colored piece (green) and move it between the green gates to connect them. This will unlock the red colored piece, move it between the set of red gates closest to the middle. This will unlock the first grey piece, again, move it between it's gates. Next the second red piece is unlocked, move this all the way to the far left red gate and move the first red piece against it. This opens up the last grey piece, repeat the process you just did but apply it to the grey blocks. Once the last grey gates are connected, the path opens for you to move the last piece of the bridge into place. Bridge 2 done.

Bridge 3, your first real encounter with "Star" blocks. Connect all the star blocks in a level, and they'll disappear. If there are star blocks in your level, one of the first things you'll want to do is get rid of them, so lets start there. Move the square wooden piece left then up, then slide the missing star block over and poof, they're gone. Next, connect the green and grey gates to clear your path of obstacles. Move the 2 square pieces along the main path into place. We have a small problem though, there are not enough pieces t make the bridge reach the other shore. That's where the teleporter comes in. Move the square piece through the transporter and over to connect with the rest of the path. Next push one of the longer pieces all the way through the teleporter (you can't move just half of it through and move it on the other side). Finally, stick one end of the other long piece through the teleporter, and your bridge is complete.

Bridge number four is a nice easy one. Simply connect the red gates. Once they've done they're little magic, move the red blocks out of the way and connect the rest of the bridge. Done and done.

This one is deceptively hard. First off, connect some green pieces to connect the gates and open up your path to the shore. Now comes the hard part, shuffle around the green tiles until you can clear a path for the wooden parts. It'll take a little work, but eventually, the bridge will be connected. I found the easiest way was to move all the greens to one side to free up some wooden pieces, and then move all the greens back to the other side to open up the room for the other wooden pieces.

Bridge 6 starts to turn up the heat. In this one, you don't have much room to move stuff around. Start from the left side, in the first section, shuffle the blocks around until you get the small square wooden block in the right place to connect the pieces. in the next section, shuffle the blocks around until the square wooden piece and the slightly longer wooden piece connect the rest of the bridge pieces. Same thing for the 4th and 5th sections. If you need some help to figure out where to move pieces to, here's the finished puzzle:

Bridge 7 up next. We'll start by connecting the red gates. Move the right most red block as far right as it'll go. Next move the 3 piece wooden block up, left, and then up again to fit against the top edge. Move the square bridge block up and then all the way left, clearing the way to move the long grey block right and then up int the pace you've opened for it. Now slide the 2 smaller red blocks together to connect the red gates. Next step is the grey gates. move your 2 red pieces connecting the red gates all the way to the right, do the same with the long grey piece. Move the square grey block all the way right and then clear the area in front of the grey gates so that you can connect them. Once all the magic blocks are gone, move the long grey piece in front of the transporter through it, get it out of the way, then move 3 of the square blocks through the transporter to join the rest of you're bridge. It will take a little bit of shuffling, but it shouldn't take you too long to be able to connect the whole bridge together and complete number 7.

Bridge number 8 is kind of hard, but we'll get through it. First things first, we need to connect the star block. Shuffle around the tiles on the left island until the 2 star blocks are touching and there's an opening to the transporter, then just slide the last star block through the right transporter to make them disappear. Next, slide the red square from the right transporter to the left one. Shuffle around those pieces on the left island until you can connect the red gates, this will unlock the grey blocks on the right island. Move a couple red blocks through the transporter to the right island so you have room to move the grey blocks through the transporter to the left island, then connect the grey gates. Now that the way is clear, start piecing together your bridge. There's not a lot of room, so it will take some shuffling, but it's not too terribly hard.

Bridge 9, almost there. Start at the right hand side, shuffle the tiles around until you get the shorter wooden piece to connect to the long one and the shore. Then move the 2 wooden pieces in the middle all the way to the right. Next, move the 3 square colored tiles out of your way and connect the last 3 pieces together. Not too hard.

Bridge 10, this one's kinda fun and will finish off your 10 bridges to give you the R2 version of Deadly Poison. Once again, first order of business is to get rid of our star pieces. First, move the left, smaller grey block down and all the way to the right. Then move the big square grey block up and to the left. Then move the bottom small grey block left and then up, opening up a path to move the right set of star blocks left and down to touch the other star blocks. Now move the right small grey block down and all the way to the right. Move the middle small grey block straight down and move the big square grey block all the way to the right. next move the middle small grey block straight up, opening up a path for the last star blocks which you move to the others. Now that those are out of the way, move the previously trapped wooden blocks up out of their little area and all the way to the left, clearing a path for the grey blocks to come down and connect the grey gates. Once the magic blocks are gone, simply connect the rest of the bridge together.

By now, you should have the card and an easy badge to go along with it. I hope you enjoyed the guide, if you have questions or suggestions, feel free to comment.


New Feature: Quick Picks

Great news, everybody.  Kongregate just added a new quick pick feature, which IMO they poorly placed right above the "Featured Games" section.  The new quick picks randomly chooses a game for you, and if you don't like your selection, you can click the blue button thingy to randomly pick another game.

On another note, I may start something here based on the new Quick Picks.

Interview with MrJinx!

Hey guys, here's my first interview for KCG with MrJinx (Talesworth Arena: Death Watch)

Where did you first learn how to use flash and to write in actionscript?
Not sure, just kinda picked it up through the years. I’ve been a coder and a gamer my whole life, so once you know one language, it’s just syntax after that.

What inspired you to make “Talesworth Arena: Death Watch”?
I’ve always loved RPGs and MMOs, and my goal was to make a game that employed real-time combat instead of turn-based combat. I also set out to create a challenging Flash game that wasn’t simply a button-masher.

How long did it take to make the game?
It was done in our free time, so including all our breaks and laziness, probably 10 months.

How many people worked on the game?
Just two, myself and Miguel Rojas (art). The music was done byt Ludzix, you can find him on the Newgrounds Audio Portal.

What types of games do you generally play (ie, RPG, RTS, puzzle, etc.)
RPG is always my first choice, but I have lauded just about every genre there is.

How did it make you feel to get such a big recognition from the entire Kongregate community?
It felt really good to see people, anyone, playing something you created. In indy gaming, with small solo or two person teams, it’s like the gamer is specifically inside our heads. My vision wasn’t skewed by marketing goals or what would better received (evident in how challenging it is). I just made a game that I wanted to play, and the reaction has been passionate all across the spectrum. But yeah, it felt good.

Thanks, MrJinx!

Warbears Walkthrough

This is a throwback walkthrough forWarbears. This was the second badge on Kong and is worth taking the time to get the 30 points.

Start off by moving Agent Lucas on top of the van and clicking the drill symbol and he will pick it up. Then move him down and over to the side of the building and click the drill again and he will lodge it into the wall. Agent Lucas can now jump on top of it, and Agent KLA can jump on top of him, and climb into the open window that leads to the bathroom.
Once he gets in, close the window behind him, and plug in his hacking device to the outlet in the wall. When that is finished, move agent Lucas off the drill he was on and click it once again so it will be tossed aside. Then release a grenade and immediately move him off the ground by getting on the van again. The grenade will explode and allow Agent KLA to

later be able to leave the bathroom (he can't right now because the cameras are still on.)

Now move on to Agent Ryoh on the roof and click to fight with the enemy bear closest to him (make sure you hit him low when his drill is high and block his hits as best you can). Then move over to the white box and click the blue circle button, he will state he needs a key, and then talk to the other enemy bear and he will give you the key. Then he realizes
you'rea war bear and you will have to kill him as well. Then open the puzzle box with th red and green boxes. Click them until all are green. But if you can get it here then press the center one.

And it will unlock. Exit the puzzle and Agent KLA will now be able to hack into the building's computers by playing a simple game of "Simon." When you've finished that click on all three options, and you will turn off the vent, turn the lifts on, and tur off the security cameras. Use Agent Ryoh and move to the far left that he can walk and have him chop down
the antenna, knock the silver ball off, and the ball will knock the bank sign over. Agent KLA can now leave the bathroom, but before he does, have him stand in front of the sink and click the water symbol three times. This will bust the faucet and it will start to flood the bathroom. Leave the bathroom and close the door behind you. Since the window and door
are closed the room will flood to the top and eventually fall through. Go ahead and stand Agent KLA in front of the first computer in the next room and hack into it yet again by playing another "Simon" game. This time, only click the vents to turn the fan back on. Now move Agent KLA up to the next floor and once he gets there, open the window he's standing
in front of, and make him use the phone. He will call for pizza delivery and pretty soon, another war bear will show up on a red scooter. This is agent steve. Once he gets off the scooter move him up the tree that he's next to, and have him aim at the door in the window, shoot the bullseye, and it will unlock that door. Move Agent KLA back down the stairs
and he can then enter that room and print off something off a printer. Move him back upstairs and stand in front of the door. Click on the paper, and the wind will carry it under the door and on the enemy's face. Immediately move Agent KLA out of the area by moving him back downstairs. The enemy bear will charge through the door and fall out of the window and

Now move Agent Steve out of the tree, and he wll see the delivery boy that he stole the red scooter from. The boy shows up and finished his delivery to the building. The enemy bears accept the pizza and the boy runs away, and the front door is wide open. Move Steve down the tree and aim at the bears and kill them. He can then go into the building and free
the hostages on the first floor. At this time go ahead and move Agent Lucas to ground level, and release a grenade, immediately get back on the van and click the arrow that is turning right. He will count down until the grenade explodes, jump and he will land on the roof. Now since the vent is back on, Lucas can release a smoke bomb to the room below him and
it will fill with gas. This causes the enemy bear to go to the window and open it. Use Agent Ryoh to chop down the bank sign on the far right, and then he can move over and he will lodge his sword into the sign. Once he's in place, Steve can now get back into the tree and kill the bear that's in the window. Once the bear is dead, Agent Ryoh will fall into the
room below that one and fight the enemy bear THERE and release the hostages on the third floor.

Agent KLA needs to go back once more up the stairs and walk past the first door, get to the second dor, and open it, because it is locked from the other side and Agent Ryoh will need to get through that door. Agent KLA can take the lift up to the next floor and attempt to turn on the mainframe computer, but will fail. Agent Ryoh needs to move left, and get scared
of the spider. He can now actually move OUT of the window to the front of the building, walk left and climb back in the building and go up the lift to the same floor as Agent KLA and he can walk over and bust the lock off the cabinet at the right of the room and turn the switch on (he can also go and cut off the hostages ropes and free them). Agent KLA can now turn
on the main computer and view what the bears are doing underground. NOW Agent Lucas (who is still on the roof) can use the lift to do gown to the second floor. Open the door to the bathroom that's fallen through the floor. Have him jump down and first open the big safe door by clicking the blue button. Then click the red button, and finish this frustrating puzzle:

Now, get steve out of the tree and get him to turn on the red scooter by clicking the white circle button/ He will ride it into the building and stop at the opened safe door. Move Agent Lucas over and click the white circle buttong and he will get on it, taking Agent steve with him. When you get underground on the scooter, you have to doge the little yellow parasites
they are throwing out the back using the acceleration and brake of the scooter. If these suckers get attached to you, they make the scooter unstable, whoch makes it difficult for Agent Steve to shoot at the bear. There are 3 or 4 bears to shoot each, each bear there are more parasites thrown. Finaly you get to the point where all you have to shoot is the trailer
and then you can drive into the enormous drill and turn it off. And voila! You're finished. Enjoy your 30 points.

Also here is a video walkthrough


Poll Results

I saw that before the polls closed, most of the users who came to KCG were happy with the new name, and for most people it was their first visit. Well I thank you guys who visited the site for the first time are happy with KCG, and I'm glad a lot of you are cool with the name change. Two polls are still active and end in about a week. Vote now!

Daily - 26
3-6 - 12
Weekly - 13
First time - 55


KCG Youtube Account !

As you know, on KCG we provide a mix of walkthroughs/reviews that come in writen and in video form. Now for all videos we will be uploading them on the official KCG youtube account. This account will be open to all KCG members (whisper me when you are going to upload a video and i will give you the password). The name is KongCollectiveGuides. If you want to request a video please do so on the site. Please subscribe and comment. Thank you for your time


Monday, October 27, 2008

Vectorious Alpha Signup

From the post:

Hello! We’re going crazy with game testing here lately and we need a few good testers to play around with an alpha of one of the Kongregate Multiplayer Games not mentioned in our earlier press releases and postings.
The game is Vectorious, by SMERC Designs. The idea behind Vectorious is that you can upload any picture you want (ahem – any clean picture you want) and the game will transform it into a vector image. At that point you and up to three other players take turns destroying that image as physics are applied and knocking each piece into its correct color goal. It’s the quickest user-created-level system ever made, and the possible levels are as endless as Google Images. ;)
We just need a few people to volunteer to test the game and report bugs and any other problems. Simply sign up here by saying you’re in on this thread and as soon as the alpha’s ready we’ll email you the link to test Vectorious.
Don’t worry if you’re not one of the first testers. You’ll get in eventually!
Thanks everyone!

Sounds interesting.  Follow the link if you're interested.

Shift 3

It's that time of year again kids! Armor games has finally put Shift 3 onto Kongregate.

This version stays loyal to the old "shift through floors and jump" mentality of the old Shift games, but it also adds on a couple of things that definitely make this a great sequel to the series. Rather than having to go in a completely determined, linear path, the game is now more open-ended. Also, the maker added in newspapers, which you need to obtain in order to unlock something at the end. Maybe it's a new character, who knows? ;)

And now for a mini-slideshow of the game.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Want to see a review or walkthrough?

Hello im re4beast. You already have great walkthroughs an reviews already on KCG, and if you want to see more you can request a game for a walkthrough. Here is my profile and you can give me a shout requesting your walkthrough and I will make sure I can get it done. I have all but 1 badge, so I cna rpivde a lot of help. (Just cant help with Arachnophilia).

Review+Walkthrough: Gateway II

Gateway II can be found Here!
Audio:Good audio for sure. Some parts make me feel like I'm in a horror movie.

Graphics:I still things its weird to have these block people rather then actual people, but the graphics were very good. Even the massive block people look HD quality.

Gameplay:Some people may not be a big fan of this game because of how difficult it is. You really have to think outside the box to beat this game.

Originality:I know of a couple of other games like this where you have to use items and escape from somewhere.

Difficulty:Very difficult for sure. I needed to ask people for help for some parts, so be prepared for extreme difficulty when you go to play this game.

Overall: 4.2 A totally awesome game!

Tips:Video Walkthrough can be found here!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Become a Follower!

Hi guys, this is hokage4354 with an important message to all of you guys that read KCG regularly but haven't become a blog follower yet. KCG is trying to get its publicity up, and there's a way you all, KCG readers, can help! First, go to Google and create an account. Once you have an account created (or if you already have an account) go to Blogger, sign in, and then return to this page. Once you are at the KCG homepage scroll down until you see the "Followers" section. Click on the link that says "Follow this blog" and BAM! You are now a blog follower which means you will be immediatly updated of any blog posts. This also helps our site because with enough followers, KCG could possibly be mentioned somewhere on Blogger. I was just getting the imformation out because according to our recent poll, over 90 different people have visited KCG. Oh yeah, you can also edit your blogger profile with an avatar, personal description, and possibly start your own blog!

Thank you for your time!



This isn't by me, it's by x1372. All credit goes to him.

Anex is a primary ranged fighter who has a similar role to Yoshiro as part of a team. Depending on her item, she can either take the role of a primary finisher or a long ranged damage dealer. Her defense is nothing special, given the rarity of running into multiplicative light attacks, but its enough to allow her to survive and end up in her innate's killing range often enough.

Anex has a bit of everything for her offensive game. Power toss sees very little use, but can often force the opponent into a guessing game where the opponent must risk either taking that hit or an intercept. In addition, Boomerang Chakkra allows for practically guaranteed damage, allowing you to completely skip the aforementioned guessing game and deal some damage regardless. Between those two and her intercept key, when brought in at far against a low energy opponent she has both a "safe" option for when she's winning and a high risk high reward setup for when she needs to shake things up.

At close, Anex doesn't fare so well. Chakkra slash deals low damage, but has a very useful proc. A loss of 4 speed means that Anex WILL go first next turn if she uses the move again (ignoring one absurd exception). Additionally, if she switches out or dies, her teammate will benefit from at least one turn of its effect. This means that just because you're facing down close range specialist doesn't mean that you should immediately switch, because if you slash and they intercept you're back in the driver's seat.

Anex also has Enchant Blade, a true wildcard. Unlike Helene's equivalent, Anex is better off enchanted against everyone except Vanessa Voss. This allows her to completely change around many matchups and be even scarier at far with a 33 damage light hits-fleeing attack. While enchant is often not the best answer, its a worthwhile option when you aren't sure what the opponent will do.

Anex's innate is also a critical factor in matches. When her damage goes up, she can kill very easily and deliver parting shots worth sacrificing her for. It also multiplies with the effect of enchant, allowing even chakkra slash to turn into a massive 42 damage bomb.

Anex is best served by one of two items. With the Valkyrie's Charm, she is an excellent finisher. With a 7 speed hits fleeing attack at far and a 9 speed chakkra slash, she can almost always finish off a low health opponent without taking damage. It also allows her better use of her innate, making sure that she gets that powered up final shot.

The other of her best options is the Sharpening Stone. With a 25% chance to crit every attack, it it increases Anex's damage significantly. This effect multiplies through her innate and enchant blade, allowing absurd damage when the stars align. This item can turn Anex into a wrecking ball, crushing many opponents before they get themselves started.

Anex's matchups are considerably less relevant than most characters, due to her "finisher" nature. However, it is noteworthy that she tends to have the advantage against every other primary ranged character. In these cases, Anex has the advantage in close range, due to her Chakkra slash being more powerful than anything they can do at close. However, if they push far into her power toss, they're begging for death.

While anex may not technically "win" match-ups with many characters, she has two advantages against even those who do. Her high speed, especially with a Valk charm, means that she will not go down without dealing some damage. In her worst situation, stuck at close, she also drastically weakens the opponent for her teammates by lowering their speed as she dies. Because of these, it is often difficult for opponents to predict Anex properly, as she has good reasons both to stay put and to switch at low health/energy.

For team building, Anex is a character who can play good backup to virtually anyone. She's a primary long range character who isn't completely crippled by being at close range. When the opponent is down to a single character, having a 100% accurate attack (boomerang chakkra) is very useful. Having a hits fleeing attack, especially with the Valk charm, gives her many options. She has strong options for both safe and risky situations, allowing her to safely complete a win or take a stab at shaking things up to avoid a loss. Anex additionally works well with teammates that have slow powerful close-range moves. Because of the debuff that her Chakkra slash applies, she can slow most opponents enough that for at least one turn ALL of their moves can be beaten by hypnotic stare, or that spectral choke will be too fast for open palm to stop, or give your benched 10 HP juju a legitimate shot of landing a touch of doom. She also works especially well with teammates with a long range "bomb" attack, such as a Scrolled Yoshiro. When one goes far, the opponent can never know if he's setting up the other or resting for his or her own attack. Also noteworthy is that with an Anex and Yoshiro pairing, you can have a speedy hits fleeing attack at either range, drastically limiting the usefulness of any low HP characters on your opponent's bench.

With the 1.9 update, Anex found her ability to be a team player, and is solid enough to be part of virtually any deck.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Bloons Tower Defense 3 Walkthrough

          Here is a guide for Bloons Tower Defense 3 hard badge. This is made by supergiantsfan. Sorry for the bad picture quality, hopefully you will be able to see. All credit goes to him. Enjoy! 
          IMPORTANT: Some maps require Road Spikes to complete with all lives, just do it whenever you need to. The numbers correspond to each different round. The numbers behind tower names are the number of towers you place, these corresponds with the pictures. Click any picture to see an enlarged version. 

1. Start out with a standard tack tower in the top left. Upgrade to faster shooting.
2. No new towers, just stay with it for now.
3. Sell your tack, and buy cannon. Place as shown. You will need to place road spikes to pop excess bloons until your cannon is fully upgraded.

4. Keep saving! =D
5. Keep saving.
6. Still save. >.>
7. Save XD
8. This is the spending round. At the end of the round, upgrade to bigger bombs.
9. At the end of this round, upgrade your first cannon with frag bombs.
10. At the end of this round, upgrade to extra range bombs.
11. No new towers. At the end of round, fully upgrade cannon (1) with missle launcher.
12. No new towers.
13. Add the end of this round, put in tack tower (2).

14. You’ll probably need some road spikes for this round. At the end, upgrade tack (2) with faster shooting.
15. Add the end of this round, upgrade to blades on tack (2).
16. No new towers.
17. Add tack (3) Add the end of this round, upgrade to super range.

18. Upgrade tack (3) with fast shooting ASAP. At the end of the round, upgrade tack (3) with blades.
19. Add tack (4) at the end of the round.

20. At the end of round, upgrade tack (4) with faster shooting.
21. At the end of this round, upgrade tack(4) with super range and blades. It is now fully upgraded.
22. No new towers.
23. Add tack (5) upgrade to faster shooting and blades.

24. No new towers.
25. Add Spike-O-Pult (6) and upgrade with faster reload. Set Spike-O-Pult (6) target priority to: last. THIS IS NECCESARY!

26. Upgrade Spike-O-Pult (6) with longer range.
27. Upgrade Spike-O-Pult (6) with Juggernaut.
28. Upgrade Spike-O-Pult (6) with multi-shot.

29. No new towers.
30. Add cannon (7)

31. Upgrade cannon (7) with bigger bombs.
32. Upgrade cannon (7) until it’s maxed.
33. No new towers. Save for a super monkey.
34. No new towers.
35. No new towers.
36. No new towers.
37. You will definitely need to use road spikes this round. Place some in front of the boss at the beginning, and just follow it to the end. Once the bloons get out of range and there’s still some bloons left, finish them off with spikes.
38. At the end of this round, add super monkey (8)! Yay!

39. Upgrade super monkey (8) with super range ASAP.
40. At the end of this round, upgrade super monkey (8) with epic range.
41. Add Spike-O-Pult (9). Upgrade with longer range + faster reload.
42. Use road spikes for this round. Fully upgrade Spike-O-Pult (9) at end.
43. Add tack (10) ASAP and upgrade to faster shooting and blades ASAP! Add tack (11) and upgrade with faster shooting at the end of this round.

44. Upgrade tack (11) with blades ASAP. Then add tack (12) and upgrade with blades and faster shooting ASAP. Then add tack (13) and upgrade faster shooting and blades ASAP.
45. Add tack (14) and tack (15) and upgrade faster shooting + blades. Then add tack (16).
46. Upgrade tack (14) (16) with max range, also finish upgrading tack (16) with faster shooting and blades. Add tack(17) and (18) and upgrade with faster shooting + blades.
47. Now just start adding tacks wherever you want and fully upgrade them. You should basically have free shot now, just keep adding those towers.
48. Add towers + upgrade
49. Add towers + upgrade
50. FINAL LVL! >:O Place road spikes at the end for safety if you want. Victory! This is what I ended with.

Enjoy your new badge!

Review+Walkthough: Tactical Assassin Substratum

Tactical Assassin Substratum can be found Here!
Audio:The sound effects are simple and fit the game. There's not much to say accept that they're good.

Graphics:Standard stick figure sniper game. Black n' white, and simple graphics.

Gameplay:I always was a fan of these type of games. This is a nice addition to all of the other sniper games out there.

Originality:I love this game, but there's a lot of sniper games like this out.

Difficulty:Just follow the instructions. It's pretty easy.

Overall: 3.7 A great game.

Tips: Video Walkthough by Tasselfoot

Review: Draw-Play 3

Draw-Play 3 can be found Here!
Audio:I really like the song in this game. It's very original and has a good beat to it.

Graphics:The graphics for draw play 3 are above average, but not perfect. They are still fit for the game though.

Gameplay:The game play is one I enjoy very much. Although, I know some people may not like it so much, either because of its difficulty or originality. Either way, the game play is both great and original minus the 2 previous games in the series.

Originality:Since there are 2 games like this before it in the series, it get's marked down. Other then that there's really no other games like this one.

Difficulty:The puzzle game is still, very difficult. But if you're a strategic thinker you can find your way through each maze.

Overall: 3.9 A great game.

Tips: Well, now there's a "No Draw" box which makes it more difficult. Try to plan accordingly to the obstacles ahead. Also be sure that you have a back up plan in case your original plan fails on you.