Saturday, May 30, 2009

Top 5 Unlikely But Awesome Heroes in Flash Games

Heroes are our idols since the beginning we watched TV. From a young baseball player to an awfully British agent, they made us their biggest fans and we adore them. Yet, we have a few odd heroes who saved the world not through their brains but their stupidity, passion, and the heroic acts they must accomplish.

NOTE: I do not rank by how awesome the gameplay is but the characterization of these heroes.

5. The Hedgehog

Hedgehogs have been known to be smarter and much cooler than your average sugar glider. This hedgehog proved it; it wants to go to space. You are hired by a Nigerian prince in Minovia Cay to launch a hedgehog into outer space. With just enough money to hire a prostitute for a day, you need more to make this hedgehog dream come true. One of the best Flash games ever existed.

Some Comment (from Eyedol)

One small step for man, one giant leap for hedgehog kind

4. Alan Probe

Ever since the release of the epic surgery series, Trauma Center, there had been quite a number of surgical games like the Dark Cut series. Games like these let us dissect normal human bodies and experiment what does a defibrillator do without causing any harm whatsoever. Amateur Surgeon is a medical game where you use tools such as a Pizza Cutter, Lighter, and a Chainsaw. For an amateur surgeon, these tools done in an impromptu manner may save your patient's life. You surely will not need Vicodin for this surgery game. Side-effects include major lacerations and dying on the doctor's bare hands.

Some Comment (from Kenrulerdude):

If you want it less bloody, go play Mario. Do you expect a surgeon game NOT to have blood?

3. Kogent Knight

The greatest way to save a damsel is to be a knight. Yet, two plumbers saved a peach princess and drank it. However, there is still hope. A powerful knight, as short as the lifespan of an inside joke, will save the day as he ignores insignificant signs that read "beware of monsters". A truly dazzling display of courage and idiocy.

2. The Elephant

This is the touching story of a homesick elephant who must return home from the perils of Paris Hilton's world. As an elephant, you must avoid the dangerous paparazzi, my ex-girlfriends cars, and birds. It's short but it's as sweet as the scent of home and elephant poo galore.

Some Comment (from nerdrock101):

If I had the ability to cry, I would. The little blue elephant is my best friend. I love him. I wanna be the baby elephant of Elephant and his wife. SRSLAY. This game taught me everything I will ever need to know about life. You should make plushies. I would buy them in truckloads.

1. You

Avoiding the Grinning Collosus was tough and so was beating it.

Some Comment (TheLaughingMan):

took me hours to beat... now what am I gonna do with the rest of my day?


hokage4354 said...

Brilliant- absolutely genius.

I love you Jude. xD

Jwana said...

Quote: "Some Comment (TheLaughingMan):

took me hours to beat... now what am I gonna do with the rest of my day? "

Maybe watch a video, maybe press refresh and start again.

good article :)

Marh said...

Really, really good article. Non-traditional, I like that.

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