Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Small Favor

A Small Favor, Another amazing game by Zeebarf, it's a new point and click game, very innovative and pretty nice.

I'm really happy with this game, the story starts in a desert, where our hero, try to kill the senator to complete her mission, where the Worm will help him and the imprescindible help of a few characters more.

Zeebarf change completely the sequel of reemus and try this new innovative game, that I hope will be a badged game on kongregate.

My Review:

The sound: The sound as all the people now it's really important and I think in this case the sound it's pretty good, and the sound aren't repetitive enough, So I think 8/10

The Difficulty: Seriously this game have a really nice balance of the difficulty, knowing some old hard point and click game and pretty easy games, this game gives the player some interesting puzzles, but not really hard ones ( 10/10 )

The Gameplay and Controls: Imprescindible for the nice games, this game have a very simple controls, ¡ You only need the mouse ! ( 9/10 )

The story: It's a very good story and to be a short game, it's pretty executed ( 9/10 )

Graphics: Are pretty good but the last games I see have spectacular graphics, but this don't make this graphics bad, they're pretty good ( 9/10 )

The " problems " for this game, is a bit short!

4.5/5! Imprescindible game!


Here are some walkthroughs to the game, with two different ways:

First Way:

Second Way:


Anonymous said...

I want to know your opinions about the review, description and the videos, and what I should make better!

Thanks !

hokage4354 said...

I already fixed it up with some things, including a better quality image.

JaumeBG said...

Nice! It's very good! The only thing I think you can improve for your next entry is that on YouTube you can get your videos (and anyone elses) with coloured borders. I like that.

Lo que digo es que en YouTube puedes hacer que un vídeo tenga unos bordes de diferentes colores. Todo lo demás está bien!

Anonymous said...

Thanks hokage!

And I know jaume, It's just this time I forget to put the borders, I always make it with blue borders, but yesterday I haven't time

FlintShadowrider said...

What i want to know is what is the combination to the middle locker.