Saturday, May 9, 2009

An Interview With Billyfred

Interviewee: Billyfred
Interview By: re4beast

Origin of kongregate username: It’s just my name…

Favorite game: Something multiplayer that I can pwn everyone at. That is currently Platform Racing 2.

Favorite Chatroom: I just tend to lurk the chatrooms that people I’ve added are in. But If there’s nobody online, I am usually just in Feed the Ducks.

What is your current Location: Old gregg’s place

So how did you get your inspiration for your avatar? JudeMaverick posted it in a thread when Kongregate needed more new account avatars. I noticed it was a perfect portrait of myself so started using it.

What do you say to people how call you a troll?: except with other various letters used to replace the xxxxx.

Some people consider you to be a troll, some consider you to be a legend, what do you think you are?: LEGENDARY

What is the first thing you said in chat:?: … This won’t sound good … First thing I said was “hi”, then I went onto to accidentally a shocksite (typo’d), and 2dArray happily then banned me for 7 days.

How did you stumble upon kongregate?: I found the game “Castle Wars” somehow late at night, played it alot, then the next day I came back to the site to play it again, and created an account.

Do you think more people hate you or like you?: Ah, like I suppose.

If you were an admin for 10 seconds who would you perma ban: skyboy 4 the lols

Would you consider yourself to be “the forum king”: NO

Have you ever been threatened on kongregate ?: Not that I can recall.

What is your favorite game that you have made?: Take Your Canvas Bags To The Supermarket, probably. Every time I submit a game I try to make it slightly better then the last…

Where do you get inspiration for your games: Click the button was me just picking up on Flash. Crossing Bridges was for everybody complaining Click the button was to easy. Others just popped into my head one day.

If you could do a collaborations with any developer who would you pair with: Make up something fancy with Jmtb02.

Favorite celebrity: Chris Crocker. Or Jim Carrey. Jim Carrey is good.

If Brittney Spears knocked on your door, what would you do? Turn the spinklers on.

Greg vs Jimgreer: GregGreer.

What is your most memorable moment on kongregate: Yet to happen.

What do you do outside of kongregate: Women.

Shamwow vs Snuggie Shamwow lols

Billyfred vs Obama: Obama can be vice president.

Any last comments: Be excellent to each other.

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Jim Greer said...

Epic interviewage.