Wednesday, May 20, 2009

An Interview With Kesse

Interviewee: Kesse
Interview By: Yishan

Origin of Username: I have 2 nicknames I used in SSBM: jizzy and kesse. Both come from me real name, Jesse.

What is with your unhealthy addiction to Taco Bell: It’s delicious and cheap. I’ve been ordering the same thing from them since I was 12…..good times.

Favorite Kongregate Chatroom: THE Gibson. It still exists……in my heart.

Favorite Kongregate Games: DTD1.5, Don’t Shit Your Pants, Take Your Canvas Bags To The Supermarket!

Sneaky Tactic to Get Modded: I don’t know to be honest. I see people getting yelled at all the time for mini-modding. Before I was modded I was the craziest mini-mod ever . William_Wilson liked it. I don’t really see the problem with it either.

Favorite TV Shows and Movies: Lucky Number Slevin and Boondock Saints. I haven’t watched TV in ages…..SO PASS! O SHI-! It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia!

Shamwow or Snuggie: Tiddy Bear. That and the WunderBoner are far superior.

Zaraki or Marh:
Kesse: I’ve never really talked to Zaraki! This is one sided. You planned this…
Yishan: How is this one sided? Zaraki shouts “Pew Pew” all day in his server, while Marh has a fanbase much larger than Bungie itself combined with Microsoft!
Kesse: Kesse: Zaraki = hamster. What do you expect?

Favorite Moderator and Admin: Damn. I talk to Alison and Ducklette daily. By talk to I mean annoy. I can’t pick between them, they help me out A LOT! Favorite mod would have to be William_Wilson. He taught me everything I know about this site and how to handle out of control users. Such an awesome guy…..too bad he left .

PC Versus Mac: I’m still a Mac n00b, but it easily wins! I still command + q on accident at least once a day though.

Threatened by Troll: Just on a daily basis…..I have many kesse fan alts that have such affectionate names I can’t say them on this website. Well, if I did I’d just have to ban Alison.

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