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ReviewTron -- Asteroids Revenge III: Crash to Survive

Hello again. As you can more than likely gleam from the title of this post, this is a review of the game Asteroids Revenge III: Crash to Survive. Asteroids Revenge III: Crash To Survive (Henceforth referred to as AR3) is an action game that is a spin off to the classic "Asteroids" game we've all played and loved. As you probably guessed, there's a twist. That twist is that instead of playing as the small triangle setting your phazers for Asteroid Carnage, you are controlling the asteroids floating around in empty space.

You're probably wondering how a game like this with such a simple concept could make it so far as to get achievements in the Flash game world. This game has so many elements that make it excellent, it's hard to believe it is even close to it's Asteroids brethren with the dull black and white graphics.

So, without further ado, let's delve further...

As you can probably see within the first few minutes of playing the game, the graphics are really up to par. They aren't anything 'spectacular' or 'new', but you can tell a decent amount of effort was put into them, and they really help the gameplay 'feel'.

I'd just like to take a minute here and go in-depth with the gameplay in Asteroids Revenge III. Really, you're smashing spaceships with asteroids. That doesn't sound like too much fun. The main powerup you have in your arsenal is ally asteroids. These orbit around the asteroid you control, and you can do a multitude of things with them, whether it be offensive or defensive. You can have them orbit your ship either tightly around the ship for defensive maneuvers or spread them out for more carnage. You can even click the mouse button, and the allies will not orbit you anymore and simply float around, smashing to their hearts content. The spaceships you are to destroy increase both in quantity and quality, so you are eventually fighting hundreds of spaceships at once. They range from lowly spaceships that don't move, and fire one shot every ten seconds or so to large mines that decimate anything that comes near. For every spaceship you destroy, you gain life and for every time you get hit, you lose life. The same goes for your allies, except they don't gain life unless you select that powerup. Which brings me to the powerups. After every stage, you can select one of five powerups:

Armor: Less damage from attacks
Ally: You gain one ally asteroid.
Size: Increases the size of your asteroids and adds life
Speed: You can move faster
Spin: Your allies orbit you faster.

You can select one of these each stage, and there is no "currency" or "saving up" or anything of that sort. You just pick one per stage, and you could pick ally every time if you wanted to, creating dozens upon dozens of warriors to use for offense or defense, or you could simply put everything into speed, making your asteroid lighting fast. This is why every game plays differently, and every player plays differently. You'll need to choose wisely, too, for the levels get, well, insane. Trust me, you'll have a nice challenge getting those badges. ;)

The sound, what can be said about the sound...Well, the music loop is just a smidge repetitive, but it's really good. The only other sounds you can hear are the "pewpewpew" of cannons firing, and the smashing of ships.

There isn't much else to say about the game other than what I've already mentioned.

As a recap,

Graphics: Great, but not spectacular.
Music: Fantastic, and the tiniest bit repetitive.
Gameplay: Phenomenal, and every player plays it differently.
Replayability: Great, you'll want to play it again as soon as you're done. :)
Difficulty: Quite challenging, especially if you're going for the badges.

All in all, a definite play whether you are going for badges, or simply to witness some asteroid mayhem.

(As a new 'ending', I'll try to leave you with a comment I find in the comments that sums up how I feel about the game in a sentence or two.)
Great game! runs well, pleasing graphics, easy to pick up, challenging without being a grind. really well done. ~Shaedo

Hehe, I think I might have accidentally published the post when it was supposed to be a draft, sorry about that if I did. xD

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