Sunday, May 10, 2009

From the Ninja's Cave: Egg Defender

All my life I've fried, boiled, and consumed eggs as a delectable breakfast item. Now, thanks to the developers of Warb Games, I give you the opportunity to experience what it's like guarding an egg- the delicacy you once feasted upon so imprudently. Egg Defender will have you perilously fending off enemy birds, fretfully dodging the predators in your ecosystem, and just going insane with button mashing madness. If you thought birds just sit in their nests all day, nonchalantly keeping their unborn offspring warm, then boy were you wrong!

Starting as a penguin, your goal is simple- defend the egg. How you come about doing this is, well, not so effortless. No matter which bird you choose, it starts off relatively simple with
only an attacker or two trying to destroy your egg. After progressing through just a few levels, you'll begin to face other challenges that pose as a major threat to you and your off-spring. If balancing your egg's warmth and your own hunger while fending off other birds wasn't enough, now you must also avoid the "locals" in the area. And by locals- I mean merciless predators wandering aimlessly, destroying any creature that stand in their line of destruction. Luckily, they also consume your enemy birds.

Aside from the fierce creatures, this game will have you on your toes, or, erm... flippers. You'll need to have a keen eye if you and your egg is going to survive this onslaught of assailants. Always keeping an eye on your egg warmth and hunger meters is necessary to completing any of the levels, while carefully executing your keyboard strokes is a bonus for those harder levels. Only the strong will thrive under these conditions, so keep your mind focused, your egg warm, and prepare for a defense game unlike any other.

Gameplay: 3.75/5 You can't go wrong when deciding to give this game a good play. This game will have you doing just about everything. From fighting the terrifying cold of the arctic climate, to fight fierce enemy birds, this game has it. It also varies greatly as you progress through the levels of each scenario.

Visual: 3.25/5
From a glace, the artwork is very basic, but congruous to the structure of this game. The appearance of the creatures are quite entrancing, and pleasant to the eye without causing too much lag. You'll become admiring of the presentation given soon after starting your gallant security role in this adventurous journey. I mean, who could resist the plump birds in this game? Even the predators are charming! Simple, but enjoyable, artwork as shown in Egg Defender are both gorgeous and appropriate to the game itself.

Audio: 2.75/5 I'm honestly not a huge fan of the audio. The quality is "Okay", and it can get a bit annoying overtime. Luckily there's a mute button. I mean, it's overall good, but just not appealing to me. The audio is really a matter of opinion, since I tend to dislike most of the audio presented in flash games.

Difficulty 3.5/5 The controls are relatively simple, keyboard to move and spacebar to slide, but can be a bit tricky to those who are new to this kind of movement. "Easy to learn, difficult to master" is what I describe the controls as for games such as this one. As you progress through the levels in this game, you'll find that it's not as difficult as you previously thought.

Overall: 3.25/5 When I stumbled upon this game, I honestly expected it to be a low quality basic game. The plethora of dimensions to this game that are only found in great games amazed me. I was in awe after I played through those first starter levels, an advanced to the levels that included much more challenges. Games with similar gameplay can be found in various video games, but I never thought I'd see it be presented in a flash game- especially the way it was in Egg Defender. I hope this peachy egg defense game serves as a spacial "tweet" to you, as it did to me.


Doctor_Autopsy said...

~_^ Looks like I've stoked the flames of the inner writer in a certain someone.

hokage4354 said...

I suppose so. :p

Your reviews were pretty inspiring, in a weird way.

Doctor_Autopsy said...

That's probably a good thing. Then again, I'm just a big fat walking muse. Maybe that has something to do with it?