Thursday, May 14, 2009

An Interview With FuzzyBacon

Interviewee: FuzzyBacon
Interview By: Marh

So how did you find Kongregate: So my friend was playing a game on teh interwebs, and I thought it looked like fun. I googled the game (Generic Tower Defense, iirc. Was not, in fact, very fun). Google brought me to kong, which was badass, and like 3 days after that I had an account.

Who were some of your first friends on here: Phoenix00017 was my first friend, I think. After that, I think Blarlack and then I don’t know who else.

Rooms you like: Well, Ninja Chat always and forever. But sometimes I chill in FtD when it’s late (like 5am) and Ninja Chat is dead.

What sneaky tactic did you use to get modded: Well, I wanted to be a mod when I first got on the site. It was like that whole "Oooo! Shiny! mentality that pretty much everyone seems to have. I sent Phoenix a few pestering whispers back in January of 08, and he gave me some advice, which I took to heart. Maybe 2 months after that, I stopped trying, and started just enjoying the site for what it was, and that was awesome. Then, back in October, Confuzzledmaniac offered to nominate me, and I asked him to do it at some random date in the future, but then he told me anyway once he had nominated me. And then he told me that I got rejected, and I was a little bit depressed, but mostly mad at myself, because it meant that I wasn’t being the best person I could be. At this point, I genuinely cared about the community, though, which was why I just swallowed my resentment and kept on keeping on. Then I got an IM client, stopped trolling in chat and got modded.

What would you say has been your most memorable moment as a moderator: That’s not fair, I’ve only been a mod for 2 months! I think it would be right after I got modded, when Phoenix asked if any of us had any questions, and I asked “How is baby formed?”

Bono or Jon Bon Jovi: The goddamned batman

Any mods that have a had a big influence on you as a mod: Definitely Phoenix and Blarlack, and awalters to a slightly lesser extent

Moneyz or famez: Money. I’m not big on the whole “people paying attention to me” thing.

Your in a room, and there is a spontaneous troll attack, your first move: Attempt to spontanteously combust. When that fails, I would probably use a crap-ton of ellipses (which I totally stole from blarlack)

So… uh… where did you get “fuzzybacon”: Well, I can’t say for certain, to be quite honest. I think I came up with it when I was coming home from school in like 3rd grade (9 years old), and I said “I am fuzzybaconpants!” for some reason that I really don’t fully understand. That became my “alter ego that’s exactly the same as me but less of an ass”, and then, about 4 years later, I dropped the “pants” because it wouldn’t fit in the entry field.

What would you say is your favorite thing to argue about in the Serious Discussion forums: Hmmm… Well, for a long time, it was religion, but now I spend almost as much time calling the trolls idiots as actually making statements about my views in those topics (I literally spent 2 hours doing pretty much nothing but that this morning). It kinda feels like I’ve said everything that can be said about that. So gay rights. I kind of feel like that’s the movement that will define my generation, in the same way that Civil Rights defined the baby boomers in the 1960’s and 70’s


Answer this question in the most ridiculous way possible: Lol. Actually, change my answer to “Cthulhu calls for you”. It’ll be more stoopid. All my long, serious answers desperately need some stupid to lighten the mood.

Any last notes: Eva! Can I stack rod’s sad-ass? Dork cats in a cave?

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