Saturday, May 9, 2009

Interview with KilleroftheGods

Right before re4beast left Kongregate, I requested permission to host the interviews in his interview thread on KCG. He agreed, so I'll be posted all of the interviews from that thread onto here over the next few weeks, to spread them out. Enough jibber jabber-Interview time!

What is the origin of your Kongregate username?: There is no origin. I thought of it using my random mind when I saw the username area. Spontaneous name generation.

Nintendo 64, or Playstation?:N64, it has to be. I remember playing that thing for hours.

What’s your favorite forum section?: Muahaha. Technical Support.

“I got 99 Problems but a ____ ain’t one.”: I got 99 problems, but Hero’s Arms isn’t one of them. That was a fun game.

What is your favorite game(s) on Kongregate?:Hmm. Currently Breach 2. I played 2D’s early early Alpha version of it and loved it, glad he made it so great

QUICK- Zombies have just broken into your house! You need a weapon- so what do you choose?: I choose to activate the several tons of dynamite in my basement, but only after breaking the neck of my infected dog! I am sad, but my suicide saves the world. Name the movie.

What room did you start out in Kongregate?: I have no clue. The chat was moving too quickly in the room I joined, so I decided to say “Screw you guys” and left for a much smaller room.

I herd u liek … ?: I heard you like clowns. That makes you an enemy of the State. Good bye.

What is your favorite room on Kongregate?: Screw you guys. I don’t have a favorite room. I choose to roam.

Can YOU beleive it’s not butter?: Actually no. It is butter. Just with a stupider label. Like Juice. It’s Juice. But with a stupider label.

Barrens Chat, or Didactic Fractals?: Barrens Chat, I’ve been in there and I know CommanderSanta. Nice guy. DF? No. Neither of them.

Another one bites the … ?: And another one gone and another one gone… another one bites the DUSTA! Heh, we’re gonna get you too! Another one bites the DUSTA!

You go into a book store to read about … ?: I go into a book store to find a good book. Probably by Steven King or one of the Dragonlance series (Huge fans of both authors/group of authors). Or to buy some kinda weird Sci-fi story.

Raptor Jesus or Phoenix Wright?: Phoenix Jesus

Microphone or Megaphone?: mm. Megaphone. That’s how I am able to better comunicate with my field commanders during the heat of a full scale battle. Megaphones, really ****ing loud.

What angers you more than anything?: That’s an easy one. Ma- idiots. And trolls. Why do you need to flood chat/ the forums with useless comments or completely obvious remarks/questions when you can just STFU or figure it out yourself.


You just found out you got punk’d, you then … ?: I just got punk’d? I did not. You got punk’d for trying to punk me and being so terrible at life that it backfires. That therefore allows me to take out a .22 and shoot you in the head. Owned, bitch.

Pork Fried Rice?: Hell yeah.

Star Trek Phaser, or Star Wars Lightsaber?: Ahh… Shit. Star Wars lightsaber, obviously. Because you can add in different focusing crystals and gain different stat boosts

Rita’s, or Carvel?: Rita’s :D

Would you walk outside nude holding a fryig pan while petting a cat and shouting “Stung Gargle Flippy Flabbing”?: … Hmm. Depends. Is there pork in the frying pan that I can eat? If so… Possibly.

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