Friday, May 8, 2009

Interview With Ukos

Hello, guys! It's Marh here with a fabulous interview with our friendly moderator, Ukos! (don't be afraid, he doesn't bite)

Marh: So, we'll start out with your modship. You were modded ... fairly recently? ... what was your first reaction?
Ukos: I was modded at the start of January, actually.
Marh: Oops, my bad.
Ukos: My first reaction was something along the lines of: "wow... so this is the kind of thing all those other mods deal with all the time... crazy stuff."
Marh: Heh
Ukos: I'm pretty sure I got called to 6 different rooms in the first 24 hours, all of which had crazy things going on in them.
Marh: Busy stuff.
Ukos: No kidding.
Marh: My next question was "what were you first 24 hours", but... I suppose you answered that.
Ukos: Heh, yeah. It was fun, just really busy.
Marh: Who were some of your first friends on Kongregate?
Ukos: Hmm... I think my first friends on Kongregate were some of the the people who drew me into the idea of chatting in the first place: some of the Mostly Harmless regulars.
Marh: Mostly Harmless is a great room.
Ukos: Specifically, I0wrld3r, PowerfrogsBeotch, and Sweetywrapper, if I had to name a few.
Ukos: I kept seeing their names pop up, while playing my games and thought "Hey, these seem like pretty cool people... I should chat too!"
Marh: Cool. : )
Marh: What are some of your favorite games here?
Ukos: How many are we talking?
Marh: As many as you'd like.
Ukos: Fair enough.
Ukos: I think my favourite Puzzle game on the site is Z-Rox, although sola-rola is pretty high up there as well.
Ukos: I like Frantic and Areas as shooters, and Dino Run is one of the few race-type games I really, really enjoy.
Ukos: And, of course, You Have To Burn The Rope. =P
Marh: Haha, indeed. ;P
Marh: Some of your favorite rooms on the site?
Ukos: Well, I don't travel extensively, so I haven't really gotten to know many of the rooms, but I do have two favourites: Mostly Harmless, the room I settled into when I first got here because I liked the name, which turned out to be my home for a long time, and Xanadu, which is where I went when I left Mostly Harmless, and is now my new home.
Marh: Never been to Xanadu, I suppose I'll have to visit?
Ukos: I like it there, anyway.
Marh: So tell us about Xanadu. It's overall personality and things that make it unique. : )
Ukos: Hmm... How to describe Xanadu... to describe it through simile: Xanadu is like a low-budget yet good movie.
Ukos: Most of the time you really enjoy it, but at times you're sitting there going "really guys? really?". =P
Marh: Lol, I know that feeling. xD
Ukos: On the whole, Xanadu is pretty friendly and chatty, although it definitely has times when it gets quiet for a while.
Marh: What would you say are some of your favorite things about Kongregate?
Ukos: Apart from the fact that it has enough games to sink a ship, I really like the community on Kongregate.
Marh: Haha, indeed.
Marh: Never heard somebody say that before. ; )
Ukos: The badges are what caught my eye when I was looking for a new game site, and I definitely enjoy trying to beat all the challenges, but it was the chat community that made me stay.
Ukos: I've recently discovered the forum community as well, which is a totally different, but also great experience, albeit one that's a bit harder to get into casually.
Marh: Yeah, much more intelligent users here than you'd suppose.
Marh: So, maybe I'm going in circles here, but I want ask a question about modding. What would say are some funny experiences you've had modding?
Ukos: Hmm... I'm trying to think of something that would be labelled a funny mod experience...
Ukos: I can think of plenty of odd ones, like the fact that a UK street gang occaisionally meets in Xanadu...
Marh: O_o
Ukos: Agreed.
Marh: Lol.
Ukos: But I don't know, apart from watching people argue themselves so far into a corner that they've totally changed sides, I can't really think of anything particularily entertaining and mod-related to talk about.
Marh: Interesting. :3
Marh: How about them memes?
Ukos: I have over 9000 mudkipz.
Marh: Nice, dood.
Marh: Nice.
Ukos: To be honest, I don't know what to do with this many.
Marh: Shammy them.
Ukos: Possibly. =P
Marh: So, our interview is almost over... Any last notes?
Ukos: Yes, two: Firstly, If you have a goal of getting many of Kongregates' badges, it's possible, no matter how hard it may seem at first.
Ukos: And Second: Breakfast cereal is certainly not only for breakfast, no matter what anyone tells you.
Marh: yasrsly same with waffled
Marh: Well, that wraps up out interview!
Marh: It was GREAT chatting with you.
Ukos: Awesome!


JaumeBG said...

Nice. But it would be cool if you, Marh, had a colour and Ukos had a different colour on the text. No need why. Just to make it look better.

hokage4354 said...

I fixed it with different colors, and made the font smaller so it doesn't take up the whole page. xD

Anonymous said...

"the badges really caught my eye." Me too, thats why I didn't treat Kongregate like any oher game site. Newgrounds is trying to stay on top with chat and medals. I'd hate to say it but they do have an audio and video portal. So once the chat gets polished up, Kongregate may have to cave and bring in videos...