Monday, May 11, 2009

An Inteview With The 3lder

Interviewee: The 3lder
Interview By: re4beast

Origin of kongregate username: I’m a fan of The Elder Scrolls series (especially Oblivion). I played it a lot. I thought it is a good nickname. My friends often use numbers instead of letters so I used 3 instead of E.

Favorite Game on kongregate: I don’t know… I have few favourites, but the best favourite is probably Majesty of Colors.

Favorite Chatroom: IiN ;)

Home Chatroom: The Balcony.

Whats a badge that drives you crazy: Hehe I’m playing P.O.D. right now and I destroyed the mothership the it destroyed my last building (game over unfortunately). But the badge that drives me crazy is the impossible in Tarnation.

What did you first do when you found out you were on the leaderboards: I knew that sooner or later I’ll be on the leaderboard. I was certainly satisfied that all my work hadn’t been wasted. Right now I’m trying to don’t fall out of the leaderboard.

How would you bust out of a closet in a super cool way: I take my BFG 10K and Quad Damage along with Regeneration and Battle Suit.

How would you repopulate if you were the last man on earth: I hate cloning ppl so that they would reproduce the population, however it’s difficult to reproduce population by 1 person ;)

What is something no one on kongregate knows about you: I always play on PC, I hate consoles. I have the sword (mouse) and the shield (keyboard).

If 2+2 is fish and 3+3 is Juice, what is 3×2?: Fish juice

What is your favorite type of internet Slang: GIRUGAMESH!

Barrel Roll or Ninja Dive: Ninja Dive

Greatest invention of all time: Internet of course.

What is your biggest fear: Darkness

Brain vs Brawn: With the brain you can (almost) always trick brawn. So I’d say brain.

ACDC vs Metallica: Metallica ftw!

What is a virtue for you: Virtue is an advantage.

If there was no Rick Astley, who would create the new “rick roll”: Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris vs Chuck Norris’s mom: Nobody talks about Chuck Norris dad’s power so I think Chuck Norris can win.

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