Monday, May 25, 2009

KCG Updates: New Writer, Upcoming Features, and More!

(Lets do this Kongregate style, shall we?)


- Chat room has been temporarily removed. It provided poor moderation features and highly lacks chat features. Expect a better chat to be up soon. ;)

- It would be my honor to announce that we have a new writer! AbuzedZebra is our new team member, who will be providing you guys with great new interviews weekly. As you can see, his interview with Doctor Autopsy is already posted.

- "Kongregate Multiplayer Games" section added. This section will contain all Kongregate funded multiplayer games (exclusive to Kongregate) that are published. Alpha/Beta sign-ups and games can be found in the directory provided.

- A "Game of the Day" section will be added soon. It will be very similar to the challenge section, with an image and the name of the game provided below.

- A staff profiles section is also likely to be added, but it wouldn't be for a few weeks, if it does get added.

- More badges in the badge section is unlikely to occur, since you can just check the badge section on Kongregate for that.


AbusedZebra said...

It's good to be part of the team, guys. :)

ljrules95 said...

awesome...good job guys.

JaumeBG said...

- I didn't like the way it was created, so good. :) looking forward to the new chat.
- AbusedZebra! Woo! Great, I like him.
- Omg, awesome idea.
- Nice.
- I don't know how taht'll be, so I can't give you my comment on that.
- 25 badges is enough.

Doctor_Autopsy said...

Oh, I noticed that you put that W in my name. Awesome!

Doctor_Autopsy said...

The best way to get things changed is to be passive aggressive, it would seem. Lolz X3. Or right, if we do that staff page, I should be at the top. Mainly because my ego is so big. :/