Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Pick! -- Mytheria

Alright, I've decided to start a new weekly article, which, basically is a review of my favorite game that has been uploaded in the past seven days. I'll post this every Friday, or Saturday if I'm unable to get on the internet on Friday. Alright, boring intro stuff over, Review time!

The game I picked as my favorite game uploaded this week was Mytheria. I absolutely loved it. Most Flash card games are total garbage, but Mytheria is an exception.

I (used to) believe card games should stay in real life, and should never, ever, EVER, under any circumstances be made into a video game. I used to think every card game made into a video game was horrible. Especially in flash form. But then I found Mytheria.

As soon as I played the tutorial, I was in love with the simplistic, yet very strategic gameplay style.

In short, here's how to play the game: Each card takes "energy" to play. There are creatures, which can attack, and items, which can do various things to your creatures or yourself. The catch lies within the "energy" concept. First of all, you don't have a set amount of energy, Oh no. You have five different types. Each turn you have the option to increase the maximum amount of any of those energies, or draw a card. At the beginning of each turn, all of your energy comes back, so you an use as much as you want every turn. And if you choose to attack, your monster cannot defend you from enemy attacks, while if you choose to make your monster bide his time, he will absorb the damage normally subtracted from your health points when your enemy attacks. A very strategic game indeed.

There are several missions within the game, and they all grow in difficulty slowly, letting you get used to the game flow before the missions get the slightest bit hard. The tutorial is exceptionally clear in teaching you how to play the game, and then you learn from playing the game during the following missions. This game also has "challenges" and a Deck Editor, so it offers plenty of fun!

The graphics in this game are pretty good, but you can only make a card game's graphics so good. The gameplay is really where this game shines. It's just fantastic. Very innovative, and I've never seen anything similar done in a Flash Game before.

At the end of every mission, even if you are intending to quit, you'll always just say to yourself "Just do the next one, it'll only take a minute...", and you'll end up spending another two hours playing it. Very addictive indeed.

If you haven't already, go ahead and play Mytheria, seeing as it's a great game, not to mention Greg has stated he's giving it badges today. Have fun!

Until next week's "Friday Pick"



EsIeX3 said...

I'm a fan of the game as well, but the energy system kinda reminds me of pokemon cards. Either way, the game is still done very well.

hokage4354 said...

Since it's this weeks challenge, can one of you do a quick guide on the game and/or how to get the badges and cards?

Carlos Ferrao said...

Build an all blue deck w/ all of the robots, 5 frailty (to remove tough blockers), 5 lens and 3 hive mind. Robot rush quickly and drop as many hive minds as possible. Should win most games pretty easy. This game has lots of bugs and is a very poor rip-off of MTG though.