Wednesday, November 19, 2008


There is now a new feature on Kongregate that is called kreds. You can use these kreds to buy cards, tip developers, or eventually get limited items and power ups for selected games.

You can use paypal or your credit card to obtain kreds. You can get 50 kreds for $5, 110 kreds for $10, or 225 kreds for $20. This is the what kong staff had to say about the release:

Have you ever had more love for a particular game than a simple 5/5 could express? Well now there's a more concrete way to say thank you: a tip jar for developers. At the same time Ron Paul's dream of competing U.S. currencies has finally come to fruition today with the launch of kreds, the official monetary system of Kongregate. Using now-obsolete United States dollars, Kongregate players can fund their accounts using a credit card or Paypal. Once your account is funded, you can use kreds to tip developers on the site using our shiny new tip jar system. Hey, if you're willing to fork over a few dollars to a waiter for carrying over your omelette, why not show some love for the talented developers who slave over a hot ActionScript stove to bring you some really great games for free? Once a tip has been made, your profile will be optionally updated to show your contribution and support. After credit card fees are factored in, 100% of the tip revenue will go straight to the developer, without any cut for Kongregate (it's okay, don't worry about us -- we have lots of ramen).

So if you feel the need to support a developer (like myself) then buy some kreds and show them some love.



EsIeX3 said...

After months of begging, Kongregate finally lets us buy cards...

... too bad a lot of major kongai players don't play anymore because kong's staff has been so damn slow fulfilling our requests

hokage4354 said...

I wouldn't mind $20 for 225 kreds. ;D

lulachie.1 said...

hi kong fans kongregat is awesome rock out chow1

Free Kongregate Kreds said...

Finally! Getting UGCs were a smart decision.