Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Review: Shore Siege!

Shore Siege! can be found Here!

Audio:I love the cute music in this game. The background music was nice and the overall audio was good.

Graphics:Good clean designs. The little pink enemy reminds me of doeos but enough of that. Cute characters + Cute Music = Win.

Gameplay:This game is not long enough for anything higher then what I gave it. It's really fun and well made, but just not lengthy enough.

Originality:A defense game with a nice twist. I thought it was pretty original, but there are others like it out there.

Difficulty:This is probably the only thing bad about the game, it's way too easy. I managed to get all the badges plus the card in about fifteen minutes. This game is simply not difficult.

Overall: 3.8 A great game.

Tips: Buy the artillery as soon as you have enough. Then buy repairs as you are able until you can leave the island. During the game don't let any enemies hit your ship, don't buy anything else, and you should escape in either 10 or 11 days.


EsIeX3 said...

Others out there like it? What others are you referring to?

hokage4354 said...

Just general defense game. I would have to do some searching to find a few that are too similar, but the gameplay concept is common.

Anonymous said...

This was already reviewed...