Sunday, November 2, 2008

Review -- Feudalism II

The Character Select Screen

The long awaited sequel to the hit game Feudalism by Vitaly finally arrived on Kongregate recently. It received a huge response, and it's ratings are currently set as the third best RPG and strategy game on Kongregate, so when you are waiting for the game to load up, I'm sure your expectations are set pretty high. Let's see if Feudalism II meets those expectations.

Graphics: 8/10 - The graphics aren't exactly "top notch" but they are exceptionally good, and are a lot better than most Flash Games.
Audio: 2/10 - There is no music in the game (That I can hear), but only the noise of arrows flying, swords clashing, and other battle noises. Still, the battle noises are pretty real sounding.
Controls: 7/10 - I quite like the controls, and they are very simple: WASD to move, space to attack, shift to switch weapons, and mouse for everything else.
Gameplay: 9/10 - I really love the style of gameplay in this, and although some people say that the battle system sucks, I say otherwise. The potions are cheap for a reason, they are the sole thing to balance out the battle. Other than the battle system, the game consists of asking for randomly generated quests, and capturing towns by battling them.
Originality: 6/10 - The game's not really "original" but it's so well executed that it stands out from the crowd. The whole style of the game is to move about, and attack the enemies, but that's not the good part, it's the "capture the towns, recruit people, buy horses, etc." things that make it original for a Flash Game.
Difficulty: 6/10 - It's a pretty hard game when you battle the towns to capture them, and when sailing, don't get me wrong, but it's also really easy once you get a sense of how to navigate the battle field, and what to do once all your troops are dead. (That being use potions a lot.)
Replayability: 7/10 - Now, I haven't beaten the game completely, so this is all based on what I THINK the replayability value of the game would be. I love the style of the game, and I think it would be fun to come back and play a little bit in your free time after you've beaten the game, but not come back and beat the game entirely again.

Overall Score: 45/70 --> 9/14 --> 4/5

COMMENTS -- This game is really worth a play, and if you haven't played the first one, go and play it, because it's just as good. The only real bad point of this game is the audio, and the difficulty is somewhat of a letdown, but everything else is pretty good. This deserves a score of above average, a 4/5.

NOTES - I've presented plenty of "hints" to the game throughout the review, but if you take away one tip from this, let it be this one: Always have potions handy. And I mean in the triple digits. Especially when sailing, as I've found that's when most enemies appear, and your troops will die after a few battles, but your person could easily take out seven or eight pirate crews if you have a good amount of potions.

~ PlatinumIce



hokage4354 said...

I like the format for the review, use it as long as you always use it in future reviews.

EsIeX3 said...

Meh, the battle system isn't that great IMO. The AI is really stupid sometimes. The system suffers from a couple of graphical glitches IE attacking the enemy behind you rather than the one in front of you. You don't have real control over how your army attacks, so micromanaging to win isn't possible. There's so much money rewarded that there's no "money/army management" required at all in the game.

In a nutshell, the battle system has no depth to it. All you do to conquer the map is to build an army, fight, rebuild army, buy stuff, fight, etc.

If I had my way, I would bump down gameplay to 6/10 and rate the game 3/5. IMO this is one of the more overrated games out there.

Littlematch said...

The game have some improved features over the first one. If you have played Feudalism I before, you are strongly advised to start with normal difficulty, as the easy mode will be too easy for experienced gamers.

Username6 said...

The battle system is pretty good. When it took my brother too a battle screen(He plays this all the time as I'm not an RPG fan)I excpected it to be a turn based battle or a card based battle, I was wrong. The free-battle movements brings a mix from the rpg to the action games, thus bringing more gamers. Its pretty good though, I actualy played it myself.