Sunday, November 2, 2008

New Writer: PlatinumIce

Hai Guys. I'm the newest writer for KCG, and I suppose if I had one area of writing I specialized in, it would be reviews.

For the personal introduction: I'm a guy, and I live in North Carolina. I spend 80% of my free time on the computer (Kongregate, most of the time.) I also love video games (Is Nintendo/Microsoft fanboy), and as a random fact, I think cats are way better than dogs.

Also, as something that should have become apparent by now, I'm a nerd, and I'm proud of it.

Okay, I guess that is a satisfactory introduction, and I'll write my first review for the blog in just a bit.

Thanks for having me aboard!
(Also, first post in November, w00t!)


EsIeX3 said...

Hey, welcome to the team!

hokage4354 said...

Sweet! What' crakin bother? xD

Brandon said...

Too bad your computer broke. Typing with the wii takes forever.