Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tuesday Card Challenge: Onimaru R2

Welcome once again to another edition of Tuesday Card Challenge. This week, the game is 99 Bricks, a fun throwback to the good old Tetris days but with some interesting physics twists. Build yourself a tower with a height of 350 and you'll snatch up the R2 version of Onimaru.

The game itself has a fairly simple concept: you get 99 tetris-like bricks to build the highest tower possible. The twist comes when you realize that the physics in your virtual construction site are done pretty well. To get the card, the height you're looking for is 350. The best way to do this is slow and steady, making sure you have a well formed tower the whole way. I suggest starting out pretty wide at the bottom and slowly tapering up as you go to keep the structure from being top heavy. Don't worry, the bricks won't disappear when you get a whole row. By the way, you'll get an easy badge at a height of 250, a nice little "two-for-one" action.

Once you get Onimaru, he can be put to good use. First off, his innate ability (cannot be hit by criticals) may not seem so useful at first, but go up against Popo or Andromeda with Sharpening stone, and you'll see how nice it can be to not have to worry about crits. He's only got 2 real attacks: Sword Flurry is very fast (speed 8) and has a chance to knock a buff off the enemy, not to mention it does decent damage (5x7); Double slash is slower, does more damage, and has a proc of keeping your opponent from changing ranges the next turn, usually forcing them into a "fight or flight" situation which can get very ugly if you're a good mind reader. Oni's other 2 skills are a buff and a debuff. For just 10 energy, Ancestral spirit will boost all your resistances by 2-4 for for turns. Alternatively, for the same energy cost, you can use Ancestral Curse, which will lower your opponent's physical resistance and allow you to do more damage.

I hope you enjoyed our little get together. Now get out there and use Onimaru to stomp some newbs until next week!


hipcheck said...

Wow that was fast. Thanks Yeknomssa.

Yeknomssa said...

heh thanks. I woke up early and decided to get it up and posted.